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Prabu Farel Siliwangi
10-03-2016, 12:19 PM
Hello,i want to discuss about Reactor boss mutants who still become Gold mutants like Mr.Marvelous,Neo Urban,Hanzo,etch.since the release of Platinum reactor boss mutants like Lily,The Primal,Garlog,Gorthaur the Cruel,etch the old reactor bosses become garbages because they got outclassed by the new bosses.and what's in my mind is why not change them into Platinum mutants instead?so,they will become useful again.and BTW i really miss using my Mr.Marvelous and Hanzo again,both of them were one of the most cool looking mutants and they need a buff for their stats.so what do you guys think?

Brandon Charles
10-04-2016, 10:06 PM
I recall a similar thread in sugesstions, but I agree that some of the mutants out there could desperately use a top-up so they can compete against some of the newer mutants, but this is just my opinion :P

Reynan Lariga Palma
10-05-2016, 01:15 AM
Yep, there was one, read that thread too
That would be great as I love my Mr.Marvelous but nuh-uh.. Not gonna happen. As you can see I'm sure that they are aware of the complaints and what needs fixing but either nothing or little has been done. They do make changes or fixes but mostly its nothing but Band-aid solutions. To my personal opinion they seem to be fixated with their "let's-just-tweak-this-problem-bit-slap-their-faces-with-new-OP-mutant-release" type of fixing things. It works for a while but after the hype dies down it's all back to square one.