Mirko Sacco
10-04-2016, 04:43 PM
It's time to shake the staff of the mutants genetic gladiator, open our eyes, we decide the future of the game.

So, this is the series of suggestions:

1) Players must be able to change tag quickly and comfortably to
allow the use of the mutants we like and train them without
having to worry about modifying the tag for our allies.

2) Between evo discounts, jackpot wins, etc. lots of people now have
evo sums that go well beyond 100, 200, 300, etc. and now problems
arise in levelling up to max new mutants bought or bred quickly.
There isn't a lot of time to play, people work, Summer is out and
we all need a quick and easy system to level mutants up, so you
need to help us. Many people have stopped playing because of this,
please open your eyes to this reality.

3) PvE needs both graphic and playability changes: people with a
high evo find it too easy and the prizes aren't very interesting and
this is why a lot of the time it's avoided, becoming useless.
An interesting idea is that of making it more difficult for high level
players and therefore attributing different prizes based on difficulty.

4) PvP's points attribution has always been a mystery, so a serious and
transparent set of rules is needed, maybe some extra points based off
fights' duration (this is a nice idea, please do consider it) and PvP
also needs the crash issues sorted. Without PvP and PvE the game lacks
effective ways to advance mutants' level and this will draw away even
more players.

5) After almost 3 years' life, the game still does not allow to challenge
opponents via mobile phone, as the "Challenge" option still does not
exist on mobile. Please fix this. It would also be nice to earn extra
prizes such as shields, stars, reactor tokens after beating a friend.

6) The game has too many mutants, they get released far too frequently,
making collecting them very difficult and annoying!

Please solve points 1 to 5 because, in our opinion (and we are the
players) those are high priorities to fix and please stop compulsively
creating new mutants, give us a break.
That's all for now, remember that lots of players approve these requests
and we bring the game on and many of us who paid to get at a high evo
really want you to listen.
Please fix all of that or we'll quit the game.
Thank you!

If you are a player, and you accept these suggestions answer "I approve these demands for improved gameplay".
If you are a moderator, not a negative answer to this Thread, these are legitimate tips, and all very helpful. Not be against!
If you are an employee Kobojo is very welcome that you bring to the attention of your superiors this thread. Thank you.