View Full Version : [Suggestion] Update Mutant Madness Slot Machine

Alex Mitro
10-05-2016, 06:59 PM
So just a suggestion to Kobojo. I currently have every mutant available in the Mutant Madness Slot Machine. However, I am missing 10 mutants (The newest ones). I have no reason to spin it as of now but if it was updated and continually updated to include those mutants, I would spin a ton. Just a suggestion.

Vickey Knight
10-06-2016, 04:40 PM
As you fame up new mutants will be adedd in the slot.

Alex Mitro
10-07-2016, 10:09 PM
Well I'm already Fame 258 and only missing 9 mutants in the game so I don't think they will be haha.

Alex Mitro
11-08-2016, 07:01 AM
It would be awesome if Carcinus Gigas, Optimus Zord, and Centaurus were in the Madness Slot. It would give me a reason to blow my gold in it! Haha

Alex Mitro
11-14-2016, 08:44 AM
Dear Kobojo, could you please add Carinus Gigas, Optimus Zord, and Centaurus to the Mutant Madness slots? Please? Thank you! haha

Alex Mitro
12-03-2016, 08:25 AM
Awesome!Thank you! I got Centaurus and Optimus Zord from the shop and won Carcinus Gigas from the cyber box! I just need the two new ones (Mister T-Ger and Space Surfer and I win! for now) haha