View Full Version : [QUESTION] Need Help With Quest 32

10-09-2016, 05:45 AM
I can't get past quest 32, I have tried all red team, I have tried a mix team made up of red blue green and yellow. Neither of them worked. Most of the time I lose because the opp. uses his characters twice in the same turn. I can't level up my characters and I can't get more gold. So I don't know what I can do to beat the quest.

10-09-2016, 06:03 AM
Hi there RbS, i suggest, Liu, Hiru, Kiit or Erys and Huron. You can also overpower them by including Kane if you want.

Note: Whenever you do any quest or pvp always know mechanics of the game, the ability, the damage and the after effects of attack. I include after effects because the same with Liu hero, all hero to target in level 32 is at the center and its in the range of Liu but i guess u cannot use Liu ability because whenever you hit the heroes in the middle it come forward so it will be out of range for liu anymore. In early stages of maps, opponents cant damage u enough in short rounds to defeat you so what i suggest wait patiently for lui attack by slowly matching red and never hitting the opponent in the middle. only hit them with liu x2. I don't know if my explanation is understandable enough but hope you do. Happy gaming!

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