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Martin Loofah King
10-09-2016, 03:03 PM
Your game is horrendously skewed towards the computer characters. I am on level 189, where you have to fight two separate waves of enemies, and you have to take out all four major enemies in each wave. The enemies ate horribly over powered. Some have stats that would place them at a low level, but do triple the damage of my level seven character. Some are healers, but once they heal something, all of the minor squares suddenly start doing four times their normal damage.

Did I mention that there are two waves of this?

The computer characters, who, again, are already ridiculously overpowered, also for some reason all get a summoning boost which allow them to be used at least twice per turn. Many times, the ensuing movement of the enemy minor blocks after my turn is over does 300-400 hit points of damage. Before the computer even uses one of its true turns. Although if we move a major character around, it costs a turn, the computer can just flit around the board without any turn penalties.

Hiru is a sniper for the computer. He hits my players no matter where I stash them at. Isiaaki's move, for some reason, gets stronger with each use. The move, by the way, is to bypass all of my defenses and just take away my hit points.

Did I mention there are two waves of this?

You need to fix your computer characters. I realize this is your way of making a Candy Crush type game, but I don't think that is the best business model for this type of game. You level up in single player to go into the arena, but if you are getting mollywhopped by the computer, then you can't level up without paying money.



I see what you did there.

Manuel Chu
10-09-2016, 03:24 PM
Most levels can clear with a red team and you can try many times as you want ,im a F2P player lv 25 cleared 300 lvs with 1523 battle points you dont need put moneyin the game to beat it

10-09-2016, 04:20 PM
The computer characters damage are doubled after their first turn and activation cost for them is decreased, on most nodes. Right now levels with Kane and Styr are extremely difficult because those characters often activate the exploits linked to those heroes by mistake but understanding how it works can help you overcome it.

The game really doesn't require any money, and cashing doesn't give you anything you can already get from playing free if you play enough. Like said above red teams are sweet for almost every node, understanding your heroes uses can help you chose which ones to use.

Here's my run on node 189, try using that team and see if it helps any, the video can show you how I use them and good luck :D

https://youtu.be/EmABk67F1K4?list=PLlBG2NnCHzgRLu11GyevF1DgpEVvhRIZ I

10-09-2016, 06:35 PM
Have you tryied diferent types of teams o.o?
You can try a level unlimited times, there is no way you need money to beat quests levels lol