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Arindam Ghosh
10-12-2016, 09:51 AM
Okay now I am 21 and have my hands on kishu from store(lvl2) now. Therefore I am gonna try the team of mori8 roku7 kishu2 and masha8. Want to push to high leages. What's the proper way to use the team? Regarding hero placement. Whether to put yellows while blues are still not activated? Whether to wait until all activated? How to counter enemy heroes specially kane teams. ? Would be very helpful if I get a screenshot or video link demonstrating me the same.
Thanks in advance.

10-12-2016, 05:46 PM
You want as fast as possible charge heroes. You start putting them in 80%+ of time at the start of your turn when all 3 moves available. You have some situations like:

1. You got Masha, Roku, Kishu charged. You put Masha and Kishu. Kishu at the opposite side of board normally and Masha 1 line from left or right side. Masha buffs some units at center and 3 near wall. You put Roku in corner to then activate that 3 units Masha charged and also at the same time you should activate Mori. Then you put Mori with Kishu but not sticking together normally. You should have at that time still 3 moves. Then you need to cascade as much as you can.

2. If you got all heroes charged you put Masha and Mori before Kishu, Roku last. Rest the same but Roku now should charge some Mori again.

3. All you have charged is Roku and enemy will own you if you don't do anything this turn. Use him first to charge other heroes. Best in corner ofc so you can execute rest tactic the same.

4. You get extra lucky in first turn and charged at least 2 heroes. Put them if they will be recharged some again before the end of your turn, otherwise wait.

How you can play? Some tips:
- people often put heroes at sides before you put your first hero, usually in corners. You can use Masha + Roku to take them down.
- if enemy has team that is focused on nuking heroes wait until you got all heroes charged and you got a lot of yellow / blue combos on board. Otherwise he will instantly remove at least 1 hero in your next turn.
- if you have low hp and you know you won't win with your opponent this turn its better to use buffed blocks as shield, so don't use them and let them block dmg
- versus Kane teams you need to go all and get down enemy before he will put his OTK (One turn kill) combo. I win 80% of times with Kane combos. Y/B is counter for Kane combo because it is faster and can do same amount of dmg.

10-12-2016, 09:07 PM
Depends on your objective. Do as much damage as possible to lower enemy HP or to take out an opponent's hero.

To deal maximum damage Roku should be placed in one of the middle 2 rows, depending on the position of Masha. Masha should be 2nd or 5th row cause then you will have Masha + Mori + Kishu + Roku damage.

I only agree with the aim at hero strategy if that hero is difficult to deal with otherwise I usually aim at dealing the most damage. I use hero as shields cause some of them have quite good death cry. So you know...