View Full Version : Build a Build Challenge: Cipai, Chasqa, Shi and Uku

10-20-2016, 10:32 AM

In celebration for the addition of new heroes, I thought I'd start a Build a Build Challenge to discuss the new heroes and see if we can come up with some fun Team Builds to play with. The challenge is pretty simple and straightforward, to qualify your team must include at least 1 of the new heroes as well as brief explanation of how to execute and utilize your build.

I know there are some fun builds we can come up with and look forward to seeing what you come up with :*)

If you don't have access to these heroes yet, you can find their stats available on the official Primal Legends (http://www.primal-legends.com/) website's Heroes (http://www.primal-legends.com/heroes) page listed in the "New" section. Good luck and have fun with it :D

Note: This is just for fun but if devs notice and enjoy our discussion and team builds maybe they could be convinced to run official Build a Build Challenges in the future.

10-20-2016, 04:32 PM
Haven't had a chance to test out the efficiency of this yet cause PvP is such a pain to get into and the computer isn't a good opponent.

Uku, Mori, Roku and Masha.

Due to Uku's terrible health, I'd put him next to Masha so when she activates he gets a 40+HP boost.

Also...Kobojo's hero page description of him is wrong. He actually "inflicts damage and poison to the enemy hero with the most life". Not sure how long his poison last though...I think it's like Erys' fire which stays until your 2nd turn is over which makes his damage 90 (over the course of 3 rounds)

[K] BlueSky
10-20-2016, 04:42 PM
Thanks for this Awesome thread! I've been dreaming about this team and how efficient it could be..

Key Hero in this team, who's role is to take down Enemy Heroes one by one whilst building massive amounts of health.

As this team is a slow one, Rey's role is to ensure Heroes can survive as long as possible

The idea is to drop Kane first on the board, before Chasqa & Rey enters the battlefield.

Overall very reliable Hero allowing to quickly remove severe threats, and adds a coulour variation if the RnG doesn't provide that many green units..

Thanks for the report ;) Our webmaster is aware of the issue, unfortunately we don't have time to fix it as fast as we'd like (we're THAT busy ;) ) but it is definitely going to happen.

Looking forward to see your teams.

10-21-2016, 07:56 AM
I think Shi is my go to favorite hero out of this set and once leveled up a little I have plans for her :D

Love the way Shi attacks and think it can be used to break down some of the current meta teams. In this build Shi is the assassin.

Kishu serves to strengthen my soldiers and/or reduce activation cost of the rest of the team to make the build even faster.

Konil is the muscle for annoying heroes on the other side, freezing and removing them from play before they become a problem.

Shes going to serve to slow down and annoy my opponent, severely complicating many current meta teams.

With Kishu and Gwenn out on the field the rest is responding to my opponents threats and taking them out, once the build gets rolling its hard to slow it down ;)