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John Kimble
10-23-2016, 01:41 AM
I know it wasn't that long ago that I talked about equality within the PvP arena and no one can verify the point system and how it works so that we can all understand it better, so I have come up with a suggestion that would be better and probably more fun and challenging. So this is my idea.....The highest points you can get from winning a match 15 is points. Why 15 points you ask? Simple, if you won a PvP match with all three mutants still alive then you receive the highest points. If you had two remaining, then you get 10 points and if you had one left alive, you get 5 points. I've been playing the game long enough and I still can not understand the point system, but if this point system was changed to my idea, it would be so much simpler too understand. It would also be fair if you only lost 10 points, no matter what, because I think it doesn't make any sense, if most of the time you are losing 20 points instead of 10. It's like a one step forward, two steps back, which means, that only the stronger and higher level players would have more of an advantage..... So what do you think of my suggestion?

John Kimble
10-23-2016, 01:02 PM
The reason why I have come up with the above suggestion, is because the more I have put into the latest PvP event, the more disappointment and frustration I get. I've wasted millions of credit to find a suitable, reasonably close to my sum of levels player. I was doing so well and staying in the top 3% and then BAM like out of the wood works tooday, were all these attacks and there is no way I can get back into the top 3. After tomorrow I will not be competing in the PvP, till either it is changed and made fair for EVERYONE or till my evo is high enough to battle comfortably. I know to some of you that this may sound like a moaning gripe, but when I've been seeing how unbalanced and unfair the PvP is, I can't just sit back and say nothing. I know a lot of players would agree with what I have been saying, but no one wants to come forward, so I guess I will have to stand alone and raise my hand and say "Excuse me, I have something to say that needs to be said." Before I go, there is something I also want to point out. I was in the top 5%, won three battles in a row and made it to the top 4%. Fought another battle and won, and guess what? I won but I went back to being in the top 5%. How? How can I drop back if I won? Do you understand my frustration with the PvP and why I think it should be changed?
Please, if you are reading the comments, say something as there is nothing worse than knowing your comments are being read, but no one responds. This is a good reason for having forums is to exchange points of views.

John Kimble
10-23-2016, 02:20 PM
Now I've gone back and played a few more rounds too see if I can get close to getting back into the top 3%.
Do you think it's right too spend over 5 million in credits, in just one day to make it back into the top 3? Would you go up against players who are at the sum level of 140 and up when your sum of levels is 129? Most of the players I come across are higher than 140 and it's hard enough at times, (not all the time) to win at the same level as me. So I ask again, would you go up against players that have a greater level than you? Even with a very good tag it's hard. Do you see why after this PvP event I'm not playing it any more?

I'll be back lol