View Full Version : [Opinion] Something is not right

John Kimble
10-29-2016, 03:22 AM
Those that read the posts and comments in the Forums, know my thoughts on the PvP events, so I am going to add a little bit more because of what I came across yesterday. Now I was doing the 13th challenge in the Halloween Challenge Event, which was win 10 matches in the PvP. After spending several hundreds of thousands of credits to find a reasonably equal opponent, I came across one that was close enough to my sum of levels. I knew by looking at the genes that this person was going to be using 3 Buranka's. So I thought, well I'll use my two gold Buranka's who both use a +3 Speed and a platinum Dezinger. I didn't get one turn as this person attacked, of which I was unable to see what orbs this person was using. Now although I was not happy with my loss, here comes the strange part. I had been playing the game all day and didn't come across anything peculiar when playing and it wasn't until I was smashed by the three Buranka's that I noticed something. I reloaded the page, because I had a few friends requests and continued my play in the PvP, because I had 5 more wins to go. Keep in mind, that it was only minutes after the loss against the 3 Buranka's that I reloaded the page. Both my Buranka's and Dezinger's health was more than half full. I thought this was strange and noticed other of my mutants that I had previously used were still healing, but were say, one tenth full. So how can this be? It would have had at least taken a good hour and not a few minutes to reach more than half way with health.
Has anyone else come across this and does anyone have an idea why it happened?