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Michael Garde
11-10-2016, 05:28 AM
How does the choosing of who goes first in pvp work? I'm really getting tired of going second all the time, being majorly disadvantaged for it and losing.... sure you get the extra go in your turn if you go second but thats doesn't come anywhere near balancing it...
maybe if after 2 turns it changed to 1 go each per turn rather then 3 it could make the game more even but as it is is pretty unbalanced....
ive been track for a few days now and 4/5 games i will start second, thats not random

Manuel Chu
11-10-2016, 08:39 AM
hi michael i start second 80% of battles and i consider more important skills to cascade and luck , i use a mono blue team and im in top 10 in lion league ,so no matter who start first RGN will decide

11-10-2016, 09:06 AM
Because mono blue team is OP, then you in lion in top 10.

11-10-2016, 08:15 PM
Interesting thing is I prefer and win most matches I start second I personally think going first is a disadvantage with fewer moves and less initial damage and charge for my heroes. When I go first I do about 100 damage from cascades and get my heroes about 50-75% charged but when I go second I often drop my heroes on that turn and generally do 150-200 damage, often even more than that. You need to get past the psychological affect of going second and see it as a benefit.

The truth is once they implemented the extra move it balanced my wins ratios 1:1 for going first and second, I just prefer second because it gives me an extra move to setup some nice cascades to get the match going in my favor and take advantage of my opponent playing catch up to win ;)

11-11-2016, 06:00 PM
My answer for this is that: it depends on team. For blue wall build which needs to charge heroes then it is waiting for a lot of blues going second may sometimes help.
But with fast builds like yellow with masha/kishu for example going first in most cases is advantage.

So it all depends what are you using and what enemy are using.

Still lets do math how much ahead is which player:
1st player - 3 turns (3 turns ahead from 2nd at the end of his turn)
2nd player 4 turns (4-3 = 1 turn ahead from 1st at the end of his turn)
1st player - 3 turns (6-4 = 2 turns ahead from 2nd at the end of his turn)
2nd player 3 turns (7-6 = 1 turn ahead from 1st at the end of his turn)

So atm 2nd player have a bit disadvantage but if you change 5 turns for 2nd player, then 1st player will have disadvanatage. So balancing around +1/-1 turns won't help here anyway.

And ofc its who got better luck but that argument is not valid here because we are talking about balancing with assumptions that both players have same luck.

I had a game not so long ago when I went second and 1st player charged his Masha in 1st move (not turn, MOVE) and I have a problem to charge my Masha in my whole 4 moves.

Michael Garde
11-12-2016, 05:38 AM
thanks for the replies guys and especially that breakdown of moves there ravandel!
so firstly yes luck plays a major part but that is luck so when talking about balance we just assume that luck is equal
aiming for combos and cascading tiles is most effective, but once again that needs a combo of a little luck and a little thinking
The extra turn going first does even things out a lot compared to when it was not there
So for quite a few days now I have lost sooo many matches (and dropped from 750 down to 645) when starting second where after 3 turns each me and my opponent are both well below 100 health points each. So from that point on it is nearly given that the player who went first will win, given they get another 3 attacks. So that's where i was thinking from that point if we had one move each it would it would keep things more interesting..

As for forming teams if i new if i was going to go first or second before the match I would most likely choose different teams and have a different strategy.. like going first i'd may go for a more attacking team, with say healers and heroes that can take big points off my opponent whereas if i went second Id probably choose more heroes that are specified at attacking heroes and try and bring my opponents down...