View Full Version : No more love to other mutants beside Muddy and OP mutants?

Prabu Farel Siliwangi
11-11-2016, 11:47 AM
I really sad that any mutants beside Muddypeat,Noren,and Big Bo$$ are become useless and forgotten now.and what i was thinking is are Kobojo doesn't thinking first before putting those crazy mutants in the game?are they doesn't thinking about how much they will damaging the fight balance?i don't think so because what they're thinking now is surely about money.when we ask them to nerf Muddypeats' stats before they refused and saying that stupid Muddypeat doesn't affect the game balance.and not long after that they released other crazy mutants named Noren and Big Bo$$ and now those 3 mutants are become the most common mutants in PVP replacing other mutants that existed before and btw why the hell they doesn't want to released platinum PX27,Blanka,or Pugnisher?because of their very high stats?LOL really really funny because they already released other mutants with very high stats before and those mutants are already have much higher stats than platinum PX27,Blanka,and Pugnisher and yet why the hell they doesn't want to release them since their stats are really pale compared to Muddypeat,Noren,or Big Bo$$.to be honest i really wanted to punch a guy who give an idea about putting Muddypeat,Noren,and Big Bo$$ in the game with a very unbalanched stats very hard right now.even i do have those 3 mutants in my team i feel they really need to nerf them for the sake of the game balance.even if you(Kobojo) keeps releasing new mutants every week it will be no different because every new mutants who have much lower stats than those 3 will become garbage like the old mutants did.