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11-20-2016, 05:23 PM
I don't exactly know why, but since some time arena becomes horrible experience for me. Whole ELO system combined with RNG is one of most frustrating thing I have ever experienced. You can sometimes play perfectly and still didn't have a chance with 200 ELO lower person who gets insanely lucky.

1st issue - crazy combos

In my opinion problem is with luck combined with activating heroes multiple times same turn. There are times when you got match 5 that will leave charged units then you match it one more time. Most common example here is Masha/Kishu combo. You can put them on board then if lucky activate them 2 more times and even left activated for start of another turn. Its really insane. It happens also with other heroes i.e. buffed with Tai activation speed.

I will give you some examples of most insane combos that are close to OTK:
- activating Masha/Kishu 3 times in 1 turn
- activating Kiit 3 times in 1 turn
- activating Krys/Morii 3 times in 1 turn

I experienced it all by myself (activated Kiit 3 times in 1 turn and hit enemy Masha 3 times = her dead, or Kiit hitting 2 times 3 heroes and all are dead = win for me) and I think they situations like that should not exist like that. Problem with heroes shouldn't be with activating them but with playing them correctly with timing/positioning etc. Atm you can have luck and brainlessly activate them over and over. How can this be competitive? And yes sometimes you need good cascading but sometimes its all going to unexpected Unstoppable.

My proposition for this is giving players more moves, like 4-6 so they will more easily charge heroes, but you will have at the same time additional restrictions to prevent crazy OTK combos (or at least 1000+ dmg combos or destroying whole board by Kiit).
One from below:
- you cannot activate hero more than ONCE each turn.
- activating hero cost you 1 move (might be even balanced around some heroes costing 2 moves for using them)

OTK is bad for game because other player cannot react to them. He just eat 1200+ dmg and seeing "DEFEAT".

2nd issue - lack of specific color on board

I created topic about mulligan some time ago but I am copying here what I have said. 2 propositions:

a) Mulligan. Most often found in card games. In that type of games you have just an option to replace chosen cards in your opening hand.
Here in PL you will have an option to get completely new board again. First time for free, second mulligan will cost you 1 move, third 2 moves. Imo it could help a lot to bring some balance. In this case also second player could do mulligan AFTER 1st player turn. I think going second is still worse than going first even with 4 moves.

b) On the starting board you should always have exact number of blocks with 1 color. Board have 36 blocks, so there should be 4x9. This will help to prevent insane combos at the start in most cases.

Also further in match there should be better system for generating and distributing colors on board. Sometimes you don't get single match of color you need in whole turn or even 2.

3rd issue - broken ELO system

Ok I must say that elo system is not bad but its not meant for Primal Legends. The game have too much luck factor for going with that 0-10 elo system. There is another thread where we have given propositions about that but main point is this - high elo player should never lose to lower elo ppl unless they did mistakes/got DC/got crap setup of heroes. Atm most of loses in that situation are because of low elo person get insane luck or we get insane unlucky or both at the same time. In competitive games it should NOT happen at all. In games like League of Legend you don't have much chances with PRO player even if they will fight 4v5.
And yeah sometimes low elo person know how to play, but point is he will get high pretty fast with that skill, so even if he will win with person 500 elo higher he shouldn't get 10 points, but even less than from similar ELO enemy.

Manuel Chu
11-20-2016, 09:30 PM
Agree with ravandel pvp need some changes so people dont get bored of it

08-29-2017, 02:32 PM
bump (old ideas)