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11-27-2016, 05:44 PM
I am new to the game and I am trying to understand PvP.

My limited experience so far is that PvP seems very reactive. (Note: I am still VERY low in the PvP rankings). That is, players seem very hesitant to play heroes ... and the player who plays heroes first tends to lose the match.

I feel like there must be something that I am not understanding. Surely the developers haven't balanced the game so that waiting and doing nothing until the very end is the dominant strategy. However, I am not sure how to be more proactive without losing more from dead heroes than I gain from the heroes abilities.

Any advice would be welcome. (Also, are there any good videos out there that deal with PvP strategy?)

11-27-2016, 06:16 PM
There are a couple different PvP strategies I've seen people use that tend to be effective.

1.) Wall
-The wall is essentially a bunch of heroes on your first row that take all the damage so you can slowly pick away at your enemy. The heroes in the wall are typically buffed through health and resistance.

2.) RNG Damage
-Probably the most powerful of the strategies, this one uses heroes that are RNG based. Typically these teams are purely red heroes as there are many RNG based red heroes. While these heroes do a lot of damage, they don't always guarantee a hit on the enemy heroes or troops.

3.) Pure Damage (This one will probably solve the issue of no heroes being played at lower level, but that will change at higher levels)
-Pure Damage consists of teams of heroes such as Torr who do tons of damage straight the the enemy hero. You basically just keep using them as they charge up in the hope to kill enemy commander ASAP. Some of these teams use a buffer to increase Torr and others damage, but you usually need to wait to charge up everyone before you use it with those teams.

There are plenty of other strategies and most likely you'll just need to test them out and find one that works for you. I personally use an all red team that is pure damage based, it can destroy enemy commander and their heroes.

11-30-2016, 12:29 AM
I think this depends on your team. If you have a team with a sniper like Falkar/Chasqua, you are not putting them out. Same with Erys, you really want to make his attack count. Or freezers like Gwenn and company.

But if you're more of a healer/damage base team (with Torr, Mori, Masha, Isiaaki, etc) you would put them out.

Because I usually put out Saru and single space healers like Masha/Mori (also Kishu cause I love her death rattle) because they wouldn't die with a single hit since they are single square heroes. Double space hero get hit with Kiit/Erys will probably die or hang near death.

If you are building a wall, you also put them out

11-30-2016, 12:36 AM
I wanted to edit but one minute has passed.

I think when your heroes' gauge fills up also influence when you put them out. As a matter of principal, with the exception of maybe Kishu, I won't put out a hero when I only have one move remaining.