View Full Version : [QUESTION] Need Help with Mission 98 in the Campaign

12-12-2016, 11:50 AM
Hi Guys!

It's me again. Thanks by the way for your suggestions regarding a minor roadblock I encountered back at mission 50. :)
I'm now at Mission 98 and I'm also very close to level up to level 17 which is what I'm really trying so hard to achieve (since I will also be obtaining a 5k gold in MGG *insert epic evil laugh* lol) The problem I'm now facing for 2 days straight is the f*d up challenge this mission 98 brings! It's got 3 waves, and at each turn there are about 20 arrows flying everywhere to hit your troops and damage you.
I have tried everything I know. I have used the front-line-defense technique which uses healing/resistance heroes to disallow damage coming upfront but the AI here has Isiaaki and not to mention at each turn you get damaged by random flying arrows hitting your troops. I have tried using an ALL-Red team for faster damage, but I always run out of juice during the 3rd wave because the f*ck*ng system rarely gives me RED troops during the last wave. I have tried balancing my heroes and I'm still out of luck. The farthest I got was at wave 3, with the enemy having 500 HP, but with 170 HP left on me and losing 2 heroes at one go, it was over T_T
Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you guys, you're the best!

PVP is not an option for me to level up since I keep getting disconnected due to wireless issues with the modem. Just kindly help me with this one >.<

12-12-2016, 05:31 PM
I feel like ALL RED is not the way to go (unless you want to get rid of the barrier). You need heroes that can deal damage quickly.

I just played the level and I would recommend Torr, Isiaaki (for sure), I used Kishu and Kiit. In case you don't have Kishu, I'd recommend maybe Masha and you could put her behind Torr and Isiaaki (if you are worried about the little arrow heads killing your hero). You can also use Squy in place of Kiit if you don't have him

Best of luck to you