View Full Version : Mutant token exchange

12-13-2016, 05:36 PM
I will give you one more idea how can you give players what they wanted long time ago, and to add some juice to the game.
Attached, you will find picture of new module (using existing black hole infrastructure) which will be used as some kind of DNA token laboratory, which will be positioned below craft laboratory on map.


Players can use mutants they have (e.g. I have tons of duplicate and frozen mutants) to "disassemble" their DNA (first row). You can put there, let's say 10 different mutants a month which can be disassembled.
Disassembly will be done through first capsule, and will cost, let's say 50 gold. Depending on mutant star level, you will get mutant tokens (10 for basic, 20 for bronze, 30 for silver, 40 for gold and 50 for platinum).
A number of tokens (let's say 30 in total) can be sent per day to friends, using gift send function (one gift, one friend a day).
When enough tokens are collected, then second and third capsule are used to "assemble" mutant. Second for mutant tokens, and third for stars (using items in the second row).
Depending on type of mutant, cost of tokens can be modified (400 for pvp/basic mutants, 500 for legendary, 750 for heroic and 1000 for exclusive mutants). If someone wants to assemble silver mutant, he has to use mutant tokens + star( in the third capsule). Every assembly costs gold. 500 gold for basic, 750 for bronze, 1100 for silver and 1500 for gold mutant.