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12-16-2016, 01:08 AM
Parking in the arena is a annoyance to many of us, it makes the game seem like only a small number of players are active when more are playing they just did their 20 matches this season to get their league chest and parked. I myself try to park at Bear or better at the end of each season and begin playing less and less to maintain my position. Encouraging play is what we need but the current setup discourages growth because we can park and get rewarded for very little or no effort.

Recently in one of the PL telegram groups, Skunk suggested penalties for parking and at first I was adamantly opposed to the idea and still I'm torn but he made some good points with his arguments. He really wasn't even asking for large penalties something simple like -5 ELO points per day or 24h period that we go without an arena match. This is such a minor penalty and only really encourages a single match per day to maintain your ELO but 1 match per day with 30K players keeps the arena active and doesn't mean we are all going to be playing the same people over and over. Don't get me wrong I love fighting Bears and Lions as much as Chicks but near the end of every season there is nothing but Bears and Lions o.O They take big losses struggling to climb up 1 point at a time because everyone is parked. Anyway, its a simple concept and idea that I don't need to elaborate on its a solid *help* for the problem but its not a full solution.

At some point Ravandel and I tossed out some ideas that was light hearted and barely serious that could be better and more encouraging for players to continue playing and discourage parking, we know people will still park but with this approach parking is detrimental to their progress. You see one of the main reasons we park is because we don't *need* to continue and continue is too risky most of the time but if there was a reason to continue I know I would not park. So here's the concept ...

In order to receive a league chest players would be required to complete 20 matches (or 20 wins?) while in that league to receive that leagues chest or they would get the chest from the previous league but once those matches are complete a player will be guaranteed that chest at the end of the season even if they drop back down.

... seems convoluted but players won't park they will continue trying to get better chest and the game will be less stressful. Games are meant to be fun but when a game starts to push players to *stop* playing in order to get better rewards its a loss for the company :| give us an enjoyable opportunity to progress that sucks when we lose cause its time wasted no xp no chest and no benefit but not so discouraging that it makes us park o.O

In the end after thinking about it a while I think implementing both could solve the problems posed by the arena parking lot :O_O:

I'm not sure I encompassed the entire discussion and hope they will fill in the gaps and clarify our discussions points with comments below where I may have misunderstood or misrepresented the conversation we had in the posts below but I tried my best to explain it and hope it makes sense, any questions or comments are always welcome even if you disagree, just explain why and join in the discussion to help solve this problem ;)

12-16-2016, 07:43 AM
Hey Doc,

First time to post on the forums. And this suggestion is one of the better suggestions I have read in awhile.

Parking is really affecting the number of players in the Arena.

I agree with the suggestions by you, Skunk and Ravandel.

Just here to give my support.

12-16-2016, 08:00 AM
Yes Doc, something like that and I support this idea 100%.

For lazy ppl I will do summary here:
You need to WIN (or play, but I am for WINNING) 20 matches IN your league, meaning if you have 901 you need to go up to now WIN 20 matches without going under 900. But if you win 20 matches from your league, the chest from that league will be rewarded even if you drop to chick league.

How this will affect current arena:
- you cannot park at 901, 1001 etc. you need to actually BE that league player
- with guaranteed rewards you do not to fear anymore that you will lose your league chest trying to play for battle chest or just for fun (parked people don't play at all PvP)

And maybe you think that guaranteed rewards are too easy, but they are not. Actually with this system lion league chest will probably be halved because there are only few people who can WIN 20 times at 1100+. And this will encourge other players around 1075-1001 to play more for lion chest (because they are unstable there). ALSO same thing will affect lower leagues. Lion/bear were just examples.

I think its good solution for players (active arena) and for KBJ (harder to get rewards with 20 WINS in league).

[K] BlueSky
12-16-2016, 10:09 AM
Thanks for this awesome feedback :) this has been discussed internally following this thread creation (http://forums.kobojo.com/showthread.php?15381-Arena-League-Parking-Issue).

Steps are in motion to improve this area of PvP Gameplay. Unfortunately, we are not able to share details nor an ETA yet.