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12-17-2016, 12:22 PM
Since we are proposing here balance reworks I think we should have bigger picture and complete stats after each seson. I mean we have small chunk of it but its not even 10%.

So what I am requesting:
*full stats for EACH hero played in EACH league
*overall stats for all heroed played
*win / loss ratio for each hero played overall and in each league

If you cannot give us overall stats then I am requesting stats for bear + lion.

Also bear and lion interest me most because at that level player have almost all heroes available and they know how to play. In lower leagues i.e. ppl dont use Krys because they dont have it so that stata are not good for theorycrafting. Also game should be balanced around higher leagues because of all heroes available and fullest potential ppl can use from game.

Thank you if you can provide that. Also any other stats will be helpful for analyze.

12-30-2016, 02:00 PM

12-30-2016, 04:36 PM
--bump-- too

Also, I don't know if this is related to end of season stats, but would it also be possible to see personal stats like games played, games won/loss, win/loss streak. I think these are things/data that can be interesting for whatever reason. I certainly would find them very interesting.

01-01-2017, 10:09 AM
Perhaps games surrendered (esp. for the top leaders)