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01-07-2017, 08:04 AM
So I just got a Noren in the daily freebie and it bought me back to the days when I saved every coin I could find, gave away hundreds of cards to my friends list and bought cash chest upon cash chest with my gems to buy my first legendary from the shop.

Then doing that all over again for a second card to lvl up and a third time to pay for the lvl up...

Spent a lot of time and effort for that legendary and now they're just giving them away? Seems a bit... I dunno... If I'd of known that everyone could get one if they just waited long enough, I'd of saved the cash for lvling everyone else...

What do you reckon? Remember your first legendary? Did you save or get a lucky drop?

01-07-2017, 08:51 AM
I don't really see a huge issue with it.

Got my first legendary from a battle chest.

01-07-2017, 01:02 PM
I brought most of mine (80%) and I'm pretty sure I brought my first one too.

01-07-2017, 05:32 PM
My first L is Noren too, from a season chest.

Michael Garde
01-08-2017, 01:59 AM
I don't think there is any problem with it, I'm look forward to finally getting noren and the ones you have worked for still keep you ahead of the rest of us..
My first legendary was only a few weeks ago and was Ned from the big chest. I've bought to Hembalas since then tho i wish i didn't know, he's not that great at level 2, and just got stortan out of the season chest.
They only get used in random teams tho, i don't usually use them in made teams. Norans been the one I have wanted all along

01-08-2017, 10:52 AM
Everyone gets it so this is quite ok.