View Full Version : [Bug Report] Can't Play Game

Hikari AkiZio
01-10-2017, 06:56 AM
I created an account just to see if I can find a solution.
So, like the title says, for the past few days I can't play the game either on my Android Tablet or on Facebook.
In the case of the Android version, I've tried uninstalling and installing, updating, clearing the cache and data but whenever I try to connect to FB on the startup screen it just loads for a while and gives me an error page. The one that says it has lost contact with the Psylab and to reload. A similar thing happens whenever I try to play Primal Legends, it loads then says there's an error with my internet or server which confuses me because I can play other apps that require WiFi just fine, but for some odd reason these two refuse to play.

As for the FB one, it just shows an incomplete web page. Any suggestions? Help would be GREATLY appreciated.