View Full Version : Obtaining Certain New Mutants

Daniel Tester
01-22-2017, 08:20 PM
Iím not telling you how to run your game, however, itíd be nice if you would release certain mutants as a daily mutant or just add them to shop as you did for Starminator, even if itís for a really short time. What Iím talking about are the mutants like Jane Saw and H0ud1n1 for example, they come in $50-$100 packs and not everyone can afford that or even want to spend the money to get the mutant. Also, in my opinion, if someone is spending more than $20 for a mutant and whatever else, the mutant really shouldnít be in its basic version. There are a lot of mutants that are more difficult to obtain for this reason, even if this may be intended, itís quite unfortunate and greedy as well. Please donít respond if youíre going to mention that theyíre in boxes, because those are completely random. Once again, I donít expect you to change anything over one playerís opinion, and sorry to be a burden.