View Full Version : Play everyday, I need some allies obviously.

James D Douglas
01-25-2017, 03:43 PM
I have some Kick ass strategies.

My Favorite is "Trump Wall", I have Styr and Pyk upfront (lol) then behind Pyk is Maarrar. And Behind Styr is Tai. [Unfortunately this strategy only works against players who use healers only, because they don't have any heroes that can attack your heroes directly or inside the 'walls'...] P.S. After your wall is impenetrable move Maarrar to the back a little and use his boost which should be like +50 as an attack to your enemy.

Another is "Frostbite", I usually wait till after my opponent summons his or her hero first before I place Gwenn or Konil. [This strategy uses 2 Ice Heroes and 2 Poisoning Heroes, up to you on which ones...]

Feel free to use these strategies! But please use the name that comes with the strategy!!!

Also, please check out my YouTube channel. I haven't been yet but I will be doing some Vids for this game. [ Autistic Reign ]

My friend codes are...PL - 679356 (Please add me)