View Full Version : Arpa missar.jasser. Always in random

01-26-2017, 04:09 AM
How come i cant go a battle without one or more of these plus other useless heroes,
Yet some strong one i get once out of every 20 battles?

01-26-2017, 10:16 AM
Learn to use those heroes as part of your strategy they can be much more valuable to a team than many think, Arpa and Missar are unwanted but useful heroes play to their strengths and freeze 2 columns even if it doesn't damage it takes the heroes out of play for a couple turns and give you time to kill them with other heroes. Arpa lowering the defense and dealing some damage that grows each time he's used ... charging him sucks but after you hit a couple times heroes dead as for Jasser he can be difficult but he can also block damage headed to another hero and worst case scenario can do 40 damage and clear corners for direct hits. Jasser is great for keeping Harron or Erys or another hero from being slid back up out of range on the hero you trying to kill also. If you get lucky and get Mandra or Khan in your team you can even push heroes into Jasser range and destroy them ...

No hero is useless you just have to figure out the best ways to use them in the situation you find yourself in ;)


01-26-2017, 05:18 PM
I actually don't mind those heroes that much.

I mean I actually like Missar, he can be disruptive and useful when trying to stop your enemy from charging their gauge cause he freezes more likely than he is to do damage (for me). So my enemy has like 2 columns of ice and unusable tiles.

Arpa is alright. Most people don't put heroes in the Jasser zone but once in a while you get people who do.

I don't like getting Rod...or Gyle. Gyle always dies before he does enough damage to equal his HP for me.

BTW I think uselessness/usefulness really depends on luck sometimes. Like you know when you get a Kaala, Hiru, or Huron and they basically hit the only places where there are no heroes. (For me this is esp. true with Huron, so I don't like getting him either. I'm holding a bias/grudge against him). Or you know the one time you get 3 healers and the other guy brings out a Stortan and Wan&Xiao. Today I had a team of hero killers (no lure) and neither me nor my opponent played a hero the entire match. I would've liked Jasser and his 40 damage.