View Full Version : Arena crash

01-27-2017, 01:56 PM
Hi all,
From yesterday(after an update) the game crash when I launch an arena battle (Each mode).
It's only my problem?
Tried to reinstall the app.
I have an oneplus one with android.

01-27-2017, 11:54 PM
Yes buddy, me too, from yesterday after update until now, my arena is crashed!
I've reinstaled the game, clear cache, wipe cache, factory reset my handphone, but its still same.
Please help us, my phone is asus zenfone selfie.

01-28-2017, 12:09 AM
Chem (Kobojo staff member) should respond to this thread soon enough, and he should be able to help.

Alternatively you could submit a support ticket to Kobojo support team through their website.

01-28-2017, 12:30 AM
Thanks buddy, i will sent a ticket :D