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Jacky MGG 2015
01-30-2017, 11:55 AM
Hi guys, I hope you read this regardless you are a desperate player like me or not,

Here I would like to say a few words concerning the matchmaking in the arena as I think it is not so "well" balanced based on my observations which are now being discussed in the following, I hope you can give me your opinions:

1. As you know, the total life point will scale up accordingly with your level, I know that it is a good thing to face a worthy opponent who is "of your equal", or "stronger than you to a little extent". However, I myself as a level 20 player with 1204 life point, find out that it is too challenging with an opponent who is over 1300 life point, and it frequently happens no matter which PvP match in the Arena, which I think it's not fair. Suppose this opponent is 1300, which has 96 life point over me. If I am the first to make my moves in the match, as eliminating a 1 x 3 minions (or soldiers) deals 15 damage, this is equal to 96/15 = 6.4, which requires 2 rounds (total of 6 moves) to launch an attack in order to deal a desirable damage and result in an equal life point between each sides. The biggest problem is, even if you can deal this amount of damage, you only get 3 moves in first round and your opponent get 4 moves in the consecutive round. I think that it would be better if the difference of life point between players should be within +/- 50 as I often face opponents who have a rating up to 1100 and life point even reaching 1350+. It is somehow a torture, not facing an worthy opponent.

2. Regarding the first point, I suggest the decision who gets the initiate move of the first round should be based on the one with lower life point, as well, he should have 4 moves in the first round, whilst the one who follows in the next round, as well as having a higher initial life point, should have an ordinary 3 points. (It is very common to see a higher life point players getting a 4-moves second round can instant deal tons of damage with a "unstoppable" combo) I think initial round is important to be balanced in order to favor the "relatively" weak players, if not, this will become a nightmare instead of an entertainment that joy can be equally shared among different players.

3. Major problem in so-called "random" match, as I see the composition of mine is overly randomized but my opponents are not. Once, I had a team of Asaro (that one who increases own health), Tai(like Asaro, no army-strengthening or AOE damage effect), Rey (the one who heals hero with the lowest hp) and Vernay (the one who increases heroes power). For sure, I cannot blame my team as this is claimed to be "randomized", however, the biggest problem is, my opponents' team makeup is either Bane/Borg/Mori/Masha/Maarrar/Sokal (that buch of follks who can strengthen the entire army can cause a chain of apocalypse), or Torg/Horis/Erys/Shura/Kiit (another bunch of follks who can lock and deal hero damage or AOE damage and directly cast down your heroes), which upsets me the most.

4. Regarding this issue, I suggest the randomized PvP should have the heroes with same ability cannot appear together in the team to avoid a team of attack damage carry, or a team of full tank. Sometimes, I see a soldier of my opponent team who is overlapped within the effect area of Mori, Bane, Masha and Maarrar can have its health increased from 5 to 87, which is insane.

I am not sure if you guys agree this or not, but this is just a pit...having a room for improvement.
Thank you for your kind attention.

[K] BlueSky
02-06-2017, 10:16 AM
Thank you for this great feedback, we'll certainly discuss it internally :)

Have a wonderful day!

02-06-2017, 04:00 PM
all i have to say is.....u should improve ur own skill instead of blaming the game system.
with all due respect. my life 1554 while opponent 1766. so whatever .i won many times when his life is higher than mine.
as for random mode. its just random. don blame what kind of hero u got. sometimes it is pure luck .thats all.
what makes game live is that every time is a new start. different hero. different ways of playing. stop complaining

02-06-2017, 06:59 PM
I don't think there is a big advantage to going second. In fact, sometimes I prefer to go first. It all depends on the board but usually by the end of the first turn, you have 1/2 heroes ready to be put out. If you go second, there is a question on if you should put out your hero for the last move. If you do...what if you enemy has a Horis/Karg and kill your hero which only gets to make one move?

I do not really agree with Point #4 at all. That basically means if I play random, I will be an all rounded player with a healer, a hero killer, a supporter (Tai/Styr/Rey, etc), and a blocker (Pyk/Stortan)? But my opponent who is playing non-random can have Kishu, Mori, Maarrar and Ned? How are you going to combat that (except with Stortan activation every turn?).

02-06-2017, 07:35 PM
Well turn based on hp....could be intersting indeed, but sometimes if you go first you totally destroy perfect chain of other user board.

Also, 4th pleas not. random is good becouse its random. Unradomize it and will suck

02-08-2017, 02:18 AM
The random vs built team is whats making me play less and less, ive noticed now i log on, will play random and face constructed team 2-3 times in a row and get destroyed then ill leave, Dont really feel like playing 10 games and having to face constructed teams 9 times, which is 90% and roughly accurate with what ive seen in the last week or so!

Also, most of the time, the color dominating the board is the color i dont have any heroes of, gets annoying after a few rounds like that, makes me stop playing also. Cu its not just here and there, its more often than not, even after big cascades, same color i dont need keeps coming!

02-08-2017, 07:07 AM
Well, I think the one who moves second with 4 steps is somehow at an unfair disadvantage.

For example, if A goes first & B follows, let's discuss the total amount of steps each player will get in each turn.
When the battle begins, A has 3 more steps than B.
Then it comes to B, and B has 1 more steps than A.
Next turn, A will have 2 more steps than B,
Next, B has 1 more than A............

So as you can see, B is always in disadvantage. I guess it will be more fair if the one who moves latter has more benefit. (eg. when the second turn begins, random active 3 unit in this player's board.)

Michael Garde
02-08-2017, 08:15 AM
yeah I've always thought second is slightly disadvantaged. The extra turn is about as close a balance as it can get but one turn early doesn't make or break you. its the 3 turns in a row late in the match where the advantage comes into play, if you know what I mean