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02-15-2017, 11:42 AM
Our Fourth Treasure hunt will soon start with an opportunity for brave Commanders to take part!

The Rules:

1. Finders keepers. If you find something cool on the scouting process you will earn it. Also, you must be fast, other commanders will be looking for treasures or allies too.

2. No die no gain: You must know, sometimes you will die exploring some areas. Its fine! You will be resurrected, but you will be skipped for the next turn. Dying sucks, uh?

200 different zones are available for exploration.
To explore a zone you need to post the letter and numberof the zone (aka coordinates), for example "i will explore K ~ 21"

First commander who pick the zone, will explore it. The exploration will be going for hours. We will have (probably)a few midtime report. On mid report you will know if you can still playing or if you are dead. After 9 hours, we will reorganize and death people may respawn.

Remember you may only pick 1 area per exploration (aka one area per post). After you post, you will just wait till we reach a mid time report or when we regroup (aka time ends). You cannot edit your post and please do not spam the thread. If you were late on choosing a zone and somebody choose it first quote yourself and post a new one (ONLY IF YOU MISSPOSTED A ALREADY CALLED ZONE)

Same as last exploration, you will have a follower aiding you on your search. You may pick one of this to be your companion on the treasure hunt:


The hero you choose will be called on the first post. CANNOT be changed. The hero you pick are part of the game THEY ARE NOT PART OF THE REWARDS!!!!

There are a few zones special for each companion. This mean a zone designed for Asaro will trigger a rewards / dialogue if you chose him, but will be an empty tile if you chose Yar/Cipai. (Dont worry i will say if there is a special tile missed). There is a few death traps avoided if you use the right companion. Rewards, dialogues or death saving are equal for each companion

Your first post on this thread MUST have your Primal legends ID and the follower you will choose, as well as, the number of the tile:

My id is 1234567, I will choose Asaro as my companion and i will explore L ~ 22
Remember, the companion you choose cannot be changed! and they are not part of the rewards!
The rewards you may encounter are:

AAAaaaa 1 Kishu

AAAaaaa 3 Shi

AAAaaaa 5 Isiaaki

AAAaaaa 200 Gold
There are also, 3 special Zones with a 1k gold each, and you may only reach there with the specific companion

You may also find some lore on this search, it will be really nice if all information you may encounter on the lore zones could be posted on our Community Book (http://forums.kobojo.com/showthread.php?15429-Community-Book-of-Theria-History).

Be aware commander, you may also find DEATH on your search

Have fun and good luck

Te exploration will start at Wednesday 15 February 16:30 UTC and will end on Thursday 16 February 16:30 UTC or if all rewards are given you can check what time it is right now here (https://time.is/UTC) >>

02-15-2017, 05:30 PM
Commanders! The treasure hunt is on. Good luck!

02-15-2017, 05:34 PM
I pick Yar as my companion and we're going to E6

Estefan Rodriguez
02-15-2017, 06:20 PM
Im with asaro and im goin C5

02-15-2017, 06:51 PM
Sneaky report

Meo has found something on E 6! Good work you may keep searching.

Estefan on C 5 is stuck on a death trap, o noes. If no one helps you picking your tile you will be dead. Cant search again till rescued!

02-15-2017, 06:57 PM
Yar go to C5 to see what the commotion is all about, "Peek-a-boo, I see you"

02-15-2017, 07:04 PM
Meo rescued Estefan on C 5. Just on time! Both Meo and Estefan my keep searching.

PS a map update is coming soon

02-15-2017, 07:07 PM
Done with his good deed of the day, Yar heads to I3, determined to poison some good folks and steal their picnic lunch

02-15-2017, 08:21 PM
Hi! My ID is 748867, and I choose Yar as my companion. Ill search A4

02-15-2017, 08:26 PM
Meo on I 3 didnt found anything, keep looking!

Guillermytho on A 4 didnt found anything, keep looking!


Michael Garde
02-15-2017, 08:28 PM
58540 is grabbing cipai and checkin out A10

02-15-2017, 08:37 PM
I'll check C12 then!

02-15-2017, 09:13 PM
Off to B3 we go, there better be someone there for Yar to pillage from

02-15-2017, 09:16 PM
Michael on A 10 didnt found anything, keep looking!

Guillermytho on C 12 didnt found anything, keep looking!

Meo on B 3 didnt found anything, keep looking!

02-15-2017, 09:21 PM
Yar is attracted to the evil glows of A20

02-15-2017, 10:15 PM
Let's explore i17!

Michael Garde
02-15-2017, 10:25 PM
Cipai and I are sneaking over to H13

02-15-2017, 11:08 PM
Meo on A 20 its trapped by a deadly trap!! If no one helps her before next midtime report she wil die!

Guillermytho didnt found anything on I 17

Michael didnt found anything on H 13


Michael Garde
02-15-2017, 11:20 PM
giving cipai lots of exercise and running down to D20

02-16-2017, 12:02 AM
Yar may be a poisonous traitor, but he knows when to help another poisonous traitor. We come to Meo's rescue to A20

02-16-2017, 12:19 AM
Michael on D 20 found something good work! Keep looking

Guillermytho rescued Meo from A 20. Meo and Guillermytho may search again!

02-16-2017, 12:56 AM
Yay, Yar didn't get himself killed by doing something dumb.

Now he goes and searches the well at C13 (lets cross our fingers he doesn't fall in and drown).

02-16-2017, 01:05 AM
Now that things go well we go back to the search and walk calmly to H12. Karma is on our side!

02-16-2017, 01:33 AM
Meo and Yarr got stucked again on a deathly trap on C 13. She may be rescued (again) if someone choose the tile where she is!

Gullermytho didnt found anything H 12! Keep looking!

PS: Updated map next report

02-16-2017, 02:23 AM
Tar sticks together when the things get heated. We go to your rescue my friend! C13 for us now.

Michael Garde
02-16-2017, 02:47 AM
So far so good but treading lightly to g15 as Cipais luck must be running low by now

02-16-2017, 02:48 AM
Very well then,

Guillermytho helped Meo on C 13. The two of you may continue the search!

02-16-2017, 02:57 AM
Thankies guillermytho. Apparently, my Yar is a newbie and not as great at avoiding traps as rumour has.

Off to A14 now, lets hope we don't fall into another death trap.

02-16-2017, 02:58 AM
Note that we're back to the search, we go to f2, expecting to make a new name for ourselves

02-16-2017, 03:23 AM
Midtime report:

Lets see what did our commanders get till now:

Meo on E 6 has found x3 Shi. After encounter several death traps, she found x3 Shi on A 14.

Michael on D 20 has found x1 Kishu!

Guillermytho found x3 Shi on F 2

The map till now is like this:


Remember the Search will continue to February 16th 16:30 UTC. You may check what time is right now here (time.is/UTC)

Good Luck!

02-16-2017, 03:28 AM
This time I feel luck on my side. H10 is a good place to find a treasure, close to a battlefield

Michael Garde
02-16-2017, 03:40 AM
Thinking guillermytho is close but not quite there I'll go G10

02-16-2017, 11:22 AM
Guillermytho didnt found nothing H 10Keep looking!

Michael didnt found anything on G 10 keep looking!

02-16-2017, 11:49 AM
No more blind search. We sniffed gold on H16!

Giuseppe Ambrosio
02-16-2017, 12:41 PM
11033 choose cipai and will explore F2

Michael Garde
02-16-2017, 12:59 PM
up to c7 for me

02-16-2017, 01:58 PM
11033 choose cipai and will explore F2

F2 was explored. Choose another.

Guillermytho didnt found anything on H 16 keep lookin!

Michael found something on C 7. Good work! Keep searching!

02-16-2017, 02:20 PM
Or sharp sense of smell is sure that we are on the right spot, or as close as. We move one step to i16 hoping not to make a fool of ourselves

02-16-2017, 03:27 PM
Yar insist that I9 will have some jewellry hidden.

02-16-2017, 04:55 PM
Guillermytho found something on I 16 good job! Keep looking.

Meo didnt found anything on I 9 keep looking!

02-16-2017, 05:31 PM
Okey commanders the search has ended for now. A final report will be posted later today. Thanks for participating.

02-17-2017, 05:43 AM

Meo and Yar went to E 6 to explore an aparently abandoned village. Inside a house a salamander greets them. "Hello travelers, looking for goodies to loot? A shame there is nothing here. May i join and look for treasures with you?". (+3 Shi). Before they could start a new search, they hear a shout for help from a nearby house. When they reached C 5 Meo and Yar tryied to open the door but it was stuck. "I know what to do" said Yar while grabing a strong spear near from them. She put the spear under the door and pushed down the other extreme (https://tecnovehio.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/palanca-primer-grado.png); the hinges broke and the door fell. Estefan leave the house really fast, and thanked Meo and Yar for the help!.
After a good action, they went to I 3 but they didnt found anything, neither they found on B 3. Yar asked meo to go at A 20 "There is a rare glow there, aboki, lets explore it! Maybe is some kind of magical seal, magic protects good shiny stuff.". When they reached the zone a several number of roots showed up from no where and grabed Meo from the legs. Yar was too fast for that trap but she could do nothing alone.I'll go to get some help. Try to not get buried alive while im not here, hehe. After a while Yar came back with Guillermytho. They helped Meo to get out by cutting out the magical roots. "Thanks friend" said Meo.
Again in march, Meo went to C 13 to inspect the well. Yar got the worst idea ever, "Hey Meo, why dont you tie a rope on this apparently and posible about-to-break pole on the well, and then you explore the deeps of this well. Im sure the rope will hold your weight." The rope actually held it, but not the pole, so Meo just fell inside the well. "Oops, sorry aboki! I will try to ffind some help, hold it there!". After a little time, Guillermytho and Yar showed up on the top of the well "Hey, grab this rope, we are going to pull you up!" For the second time of the day, Meo was tricked by Yar and saved by Guillermytho. "Thanks again friend."
A little angry with the hyena, Meo decided to go to A 14. They found another friendly scaly resting over a tree. The Shi from Meo's party (who was never appeared on the risky moments) showed up from no where and started flicking her tonge. The other Salamander started aswell. After at least 15minutes of flicking tonges (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwAHjl9PZH4) on the most absolute silence, the extranger salamander said "OK". She joined Meo's party. (+3 Shi). They went to I 9 but they didnt found anything.

Estefan went to C 5, he enter inside a house and then the door slam shut behind him! He tryied to open the door but it was really stuck. He tryied to kick it a few times but the movement generated by the strenght of the kicks made a nest of scorpions to drop from the cieling. He only could cry for help!. Luckily for him before the poisonous arachnids could reach to him the door fell behind him and he could scape. He could not offer enought words to thanks Meo and Yar for rescuing him.

Guillermytho went to A 4 but he didnt found anything, the same happened on I 17. They found a poisonous friend on the road. Hey you! Help my aboki. Guillermytho and Yar went to A 20. They two of them managed to cut out the magial roots and rescued Meo. "Thanks friend!". With good omens, he went to H 12 but he didnt found anything. And then again Yar requested his services, "you again! help me". They went to C 13. For a really convenient reason there was a rope tied on a tree near their, so they used it to pull Meo up. "Thanks again friend". Said Meo.
After the second good action of the day, he went to F 2 and he found a salamander hidden behind a tree. Hello?. -Sssup responded the scaly friend. "-Sso you found my ssecret hideout. I will follow you till i find your'ss" (+3 Shi). He went to H 10 after that but didnt found anything. Same desilution happened on H 16, only dust. He tryed a little more to the east and he found a Gazelle near on a tree. "Hey you, strager, wanna listen my songs?" Kishu decided to join Guillermytho's Party (+1 Kishu)

Michael went to A 10 but he didnt found anything, tryed better luck on C 12 but there was nothing there, there was nothing on H 13 neither. He and Cipai went to D 20. They found a Gazelle on that zone. "Hello traveller, heading to the north?. Let me join you and share the story of my people." (+1 Kishu). He explored C 15 but there was nothing there. After that tried G 10 but didnt found anything neither. He went to C 7, and he found a badass salamander lean on a tree. When he approached (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oa2Hs9I7LxY)the scaly lifted her arm "Stop right there. Are you really going to challenge the great and mighty Shi? *A little glare appeared on her eyes* The wind blowed a little, just to make her cape wave on the air. "Hehehe you are going to regret this! No one have ever survived a duel versus me, The Great Shi!". A magic disc, suddently appeared on her lifted arm. Michael held still, preparing for one of the most great battles he will ever have......but Cipai just appeared on scene unaware of all the tension in the air, "Hello friend, wanna some food?. We have green apples, wanna some?" For everyone suprice, even for the game master, green Apples were the weakness of Shi. "If you let me join your party and give me some apples, i promes ill spare your life.". Michael wanted to battle, but the idea of a new ally was slightly better. He acepted and Shi joined Michale's Party. (+3 Shi).

Updated map

Thanks everyone for playing!
See you next week!