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Domagoj Guj?i?
02-15-2017, 05:58 PM
U use Torr, Drall, Erys, Wan & Xiao.
Torr and his army of mercenaries attack enemy first, because they trick enemy to show us his army of heroes. Then comes Wan & Xiao, they run over battlefield creatying tornado and draw enemy heroes in the center of it. Then comes Erys with his fire skill to set fire on them. If they are still alive after all of that, then comes grizzly bear Drall with his hammer to kill them.

Erys is chasing Ned since I met him because Ned ate his cousin. I would really like to see fight between them, and because of that I need Kobojo to help Erys in searching for Ned. Wan & Xiao already have aquarium ready for Nei Li so she can teach them some new magic trick. Drall and Torr will be satified with rubies because they want to buy new hammers and armor. Will kobojo help them - that is the question!? :)

Domagoj Guj?i?
02-15-2017, 07:11 PM
My in game name is DGU-699035. ID is 699035.