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Zach Dooley
02-15-2017, 09:57 PM
I've been using these alot since the recent patch. I couldn't pick just one, sorry.


Goal is to do as much damage as possible with continued increase in power provided byStyr.

Charge all four first. It shouldn't take too long with Gyle being the hardest but sinces it's 2 color team it should be easy. You can release them in stages but it's most effective this way.First you drop Styr in the front row (I usually pick the side that has the most of the color i want to charge up) then I drop Masha 2 spaces above him then put Kishu down on the opposite of the board. And finally place down Gyle above Masha getting her top row. That way there spaced out enough and the initial damage from that move with rack up 200 plus damage. With gyle help you should easily be able to charge up both Masha and Kishu a second and possibly third time with your remaining 3 moves.That is a copious amount of standalone damage. Now add in Styr stacking ability and you can easily have units over 200 hp ready to go. It's alot of fun to use and usually provides some decent and fun results. The number one weakness to this deck is Wan & Xiao for obvious reasons moving your perfectly placed team around and doing damage.

The other team I've been using is :


The goal is to weaken and damage and possibly outright kill your opponent heros Before they even enter the battlefield.

Pretty self explanatory here, other than Hembala these heros have an exremely fast recharge. So get Yar Saru and Komeul as fast as possible poisoning and freezing your opponents hereos as quick as you can. Once he releases most of them, take advantage of Hembala and send them back. you can keep doing damage with the other heros as much as you want. Most should die quickly.
The biggest problem with this team, while it is fun and effective there is no damamge being done to the board. So alot of the times your kill all four of your opponents heros and still have 200-300 hp left with no way to take it down except standard chip damage matching. Most people will concede after they lose all of their heros but some will stick out the fight and it gets quite tedious. nevertheless it's still a fun team to play with.

[K] BlueSky
02-16-2017, 12:16 PM
Thanks for this guide, Commander Zach! We appreciate it :)