View Full Version : Team Guide ID: 724989

Sam Grig
02-16-2017, 12:33 AM
My Team consists of Isiaaki, Squy, Wan&Xiao, and Erys.

Isiaaki ready to prove he's worth his fee, launches right into battle. He activates quickly and tries to hack at his opponent's life total. Meanwhile Squy, itching to fire off his gun, is told to wait by Erys. Wan&Xiao look on with curiosity at the ensuing battle. Erys watches carefully, waiting for his time to strike.

Once the opponent has brought out enough Heroes, Erys gives the command to unleash the rest of his forces. Wan&Xiao bunch up and attack the enemy heroes, Squy lights them up with the fury from the barrels of his gun. Erys moves in with cold, calculating precision. He places himself where he can do the most damage and engulfs the enemy in consuming fire. If they survive the assault, it is not for long. Erys does not accept prisoners, and mercy is not concept he understands.