View Full Version : [TEAM GUIDE] ID 11033

Giuseppe Ambrosio
02-16-2017, 12:31 PM
The perfect team is a team based on opponents' heroes destruction: WAN&XIAO, LIU, SHURA and ERYS; The strategy of this team is simple and can be activated more times because heroes have low activation cost. We must waiting that the opponent will put his own heroes on the battle floor then we can start to win! In order can be activated WAN&XIAO that will put heroes in the proximity of the center of the floor than you can activate LIU and even ERYS to destroy enemy heroes and if someone survives you can use SHURA that will definetely kill it. If unluckily WAN&XIAO will not put enemy heroes exactly in the center of the floor you can even use ERYS to do damages in a controlled and concentrated area. With four heroes elimination opponents' life point are now ready to become 0!

02-19-2017, 07:39 PM
this is a great set of heroes, but there are a few flaws: if you have a weak board this strategy is rendered nearly useless. all the enemy's heroes need to be on the field for this to work, i suggest hembala instead of shura for that. erys does damage long term, using harron or hurron is a better choice as more damage and even easier to activate.

team: 7/10 (not the strongest set of heroes)
strategy: 9/10 (although somewhat flawed, it is still decent)
efficiency: 9/10 (will get the job done)
risk of failure: 5/30 (heroes with more life might not be killed by this strategy

overall: 20/30 (i would change a few heroes here, but the strategy overall has flaws.)