View Full Version : [Team Guide] PL ID: 577671

02-18-2017, 06:56 PM
Team: Komeul, Hembala, Saru, Vernay

tips: when all 4 of your heroes are ready to activate, use vernay to make your heroes more powerful, then saru to make the opponents heroes weaker and gain an extra attack, use hembala to send all the heroes that are on field back to the hand and hurt them, then komeul to make him do what he does. (DON'T DO THIS IF YOU HAVE A HORRIBLE BOARD OR IF ALL OF THE OPPONENTS HEROES ARE READY TO ACTIVATE! And place them in places so they will help you make extra combos) try to combo as many reds and greens as possible. try to activate komeul twice more and vernay as well. saru once, hembala doesnt need to be ready to activate his effect, but it would be helpful to you if he can strike the next turn. try not to place them side by side unless the opponent doesnt have a red hero. (in case of Erys) or green (in case of Karg).

I have tried this and won 7 games in a row using said stratergy, try to be patient, rushing this stratergy with a weak board will have you at your opponents mercy. This works very well in the campaign as well. Good luck to all who use, please send back feedback of how well it went!