View Full Version : Elite Mutants Without Platinum Skin Yet

Alex Mitro
02-20-2017, 05:11 PM
Here is a list of mutants that will eventually have a platinum star but their platinum skin version has not been released yet by Kobojo.
This list does not include mutants that are unable to be upgraded via stars and special reactor mutants. I believe these mutants, on this list, are called elites.

Deathcon 1
Commander Ender
Cursed Rider
The Boogey Girl
The Glutton
Lady Harpy
Commodore Le Shark
Project X27
Battle Toad
The Monkey King
Master Oida
Wicked Witch
Bones N Roses

As you can see, not a very large list. These are all the remaining mutants that need to still be introduced as platinum. Hope this helps someone (maybe even Kobojo in case they lost track! haha). :)