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02-22-2017, 07:40 PM
So I have finally decided to make quick guide :)

Back before randoms I was using this build or alterations. Currently if I wanna go constructed I will go:


Why that 3 heroes? How to play them? What order? It all depends...

Masha - she got high dmg. Usually you put them near upper corners unless opponent has specific hero that targets that spots, in that case put here in space where she won't be hit. Also if enemy put his hero on board, you can position Masha in way 3 buffed blocks if matched will hit that hero, so she can be used to also kill enemy hero. Usually I put her first.

Kishu - nerfed but still good. I put her in opposite side than Masha and together with her they do a lot of dmg. She is pretty straightforward hero to play.

Krys - depends on what enemy got, but I usually put him after enemy put his hero killing heroes on board so he will do 2-3 shots before he die or game is finished. In rare cases I put him first (if a lot of blues or enemy don't have heroes who can deal with Krys)

Kiit - I cannot count how many games he won for me. You hate him or love him. But his main purpose is to clear buffed blocks and try to kill enemy heroes in addition. If he hits like 2 times heroes the game is often done. Also you are going faster for enemy (+20% dmg) because he clears 2 rows of blocks. I put him most often after enemy put 3-4 heroes on board and try to throw some down i.e. to middle so there are more chances for hitting them.

Also some rules apply to all heros compositions like notputting hero on board if you got 1 move left only unless you can kill key enemy hero/win game etc.

I like this team because:
1. You got 3 heroes who can do direct damage to opponent (Kishu/Masha/Krys)
2. You got 3 heroes who can do damage to enemy heroes (Kishu/Masha/Kiit)
3. You got counter for buffing heroes (Kiit)
4. You can use buffed blocks as shield if needed (Kishu/Masha)
5. 3 colors almost guarantee that you always match useful colors.

02-22-2017, 09:26 PM
What can your team do to counter a high level Saru?

Say a level 5 Saru is activated twice, that's already -36% on all your heroes effectiveness. Kiit most likely can't even one hit Saru after that, especially if the opponent has a hero like Masha that can boost Saru HP by ~60+ each activation.

02-22-2017, 10:25 PM
Well...hope you get Masha/Krys/Kishu ready before you opponent bring out Saru. Saru against any team that's the only thing you can hope for.

You also have to hope that the banana bombs fall behind some hero to provide cover so it doesn't go off. Or at least they don't fall beside a horizontal hero or in front of a vertical hero.

02-23-2017, 09:44 AM
Didn't have big problems with Saru. You just nuke and either kill him or ignore him. If enemy is extremely lucky you lost anyway and your team doesn't matter. Ppl often complain about Saru but I don't find him OP as they say because if enemy is not lucky with reds he is already dead before Saru can do much.

I rather fear Komeul more because he is freezing your heroes and he is fast charging hero.