View Full Version : [Team Guide] Good team vs Bosses. ID:715613

Isaac Ladron de Guevara
02-24-2017, 02:49 PM
A good medium team against bosses consist on:
1.Wakai: With its skill, which inflict damage to your opponent's last 2 rows, it can inflict damage more than 600 damage to a boss, cause bosses ocupy the full 2 last rows.
2. Jasser: its skill consist on throw 4 balls, one to each corner of your opponent, so it can inflict 240 damage to boss.
3. Erys: this do damage in a 3x3 square at its range and sets fire to that zone, so it can inflict a first 300 damage and then the fire keep inflict damage in to the boss.
4. Styr: it increases the power of the heroes, so it helps to inflict even more damage to the boss. Also, when it dies, it gives life to the other heroes, so they can resst more.
I've put all these heroes together cause it's very good against bosses since they can attack in a great area on the opponent's last rows.
You should play this team this way: try to activate styr early so you can inflict many damage and then use the other as much as possible to defeat the boss. You should put styr in your front line cause once you activate its skill, you will only use it as protection, also try to put the other heroes before skyr dies so they will get hp. For the other three, it's recommendable that you put Erys in your second and third line to do the max damage, and put the other two remaining heroes in your last row so they don't get damage easyly.