View Full Version : New Gameplay - Based on Evo / Improved PvP / NEW CAMPAIGNS

Daniel Tester
03-11-2017, 10:35 PM
Since PvE is no challenge to veteran players, it'd be nice if, based on a player's evo, the difficulty would change accordingly. Example: my evo is 77 so I'd fight mutants with stars gold-platinum and evos 70-80 in the higher levels of the PvE ladder. It'd also be cool if the enemies weren't always the same fast mutants. Like the first 50 levels have a Lord Dragon in half of them. It should be randomized, use the 300+ mutants in-game. Another cool thing would be if there were requirements in a fight, like only use silver star mutants or only Necro mutants, just something.

In PvP, 90% of the time I fight people with evos 30-45 levels higher than mine. It doesn't help that their mutants can one-shot my tanks before I get to attack (Space Surfer), but even worse is when they can get revenge and slaughter my team again. PvP should pair people better, I'd say within 10 or 15 levels. It only makes sense to be ranked that way, otherwise it's unfair. If this isn't a bug and is actually the way PvP is meant to work, then it's a poor way of making it challenging. There's no challenge when you have no chance, just like PvE, more so the enemy team (being weak and fast).

PLEASE ADD MORE CAMPAIGN DIVISIONS! When the prizes in the campaign were updated, it was mentioned that the veteran players weren't forgotten and that more divisions would come out! Well where are they?!? It's been months!

One more thing: just compare Galactic Emperor's "Ataru" animation to Frankenhuahua's "Furry Charge." It'd be much appreciated to start seeing more well animated attacks like the ones from a while ago...

Taufik Nur Rahmanda
03-17-2017, 01:02 AM

Super agree with that!! With completion bonus like 3000 or 5000 gold of course XD Because you know, Kobojo like to sell many mutants with high price of gold. After the balancing of mutants' stat, the game is still imbalance in the aspect between Psy Captains' gold income and those shop items, lol.
Kobojo must think about freeplayer too.