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04-12-2017, 04:40 AM
I am lvl 20. I have only Nei-Li for legends and asside from that am missing only a couple of the "?" heros as well as Kahn and the new android cat that self resurects.

I want to climb up and out of stag league but i am not 100% certain of what champion combinations i can use to really climb at this point concidering my limited pool.

i am also having issues in PVE due to limited resources (levels or team building knowledge)

My summerized question becomes: What can i build to progress in pve and what other team can i build for solid pvp?

Added bonus Friend code: 760819

Thanks in advance for the help.

04-12-2017, 05:28 AM
With regards to PvE. It really depends on the objective:

- Hero killing I recommend hero killers (i.e. Falkar)
- Destroying a target I prefer an all red team
- Dealing damage (I like direct hitters because sometimes they have stuff blocking your way).

04-12-2017, 05:46 AM
thnaks. Any specific combinations of each to recommend?

04-12-2017, 07:07 AM
Mosty PVE have squy/kiit or both