View Full Version : No reason for blinking

04-25-2017, 04:16 PM
The blinking is distracting and useless.
I don't need a little icon to tell me that a brick is on fire or frozen. The brick is either flaming or has changed into a literal block of ice. What's the point of an extra little icon?
I don't need to know how many points have been added to a brick. That's like a speedometer that tells you how much faster you're going now, compared to 2 minutes ago. All I need to know is how many total points a brick has. Blinking is frustrating. It breaks your concentration.
The clock is winding down, and I have one more move to defeat the enemy. I'm scanning the bricks to find out which one has the most points, only a few seconds left, BUT THEY KEEP BLINKING.
Please turn the blinking off and make the game easier to play.