View Full Version : [Bug Report] Losing due to "Power Fluctuations" needs to be fixed

Neil Law
04-27-2017, 12:28 PM
This continues to be a major frustration in the game. Glitches in the game causes us to lose battles. This means loss of tags, lost of points and loss of fight tickets.

Credits for fights are given until they are done, debits should be the same. I was about to win this fight but now I'll lose :enraged:


Jason Tek Chun Sheng
04-28-2017, 05:43 PM
It's your connection, I don't have this issue at all

04-29-2017, 03:23 AM
It's your connection, I don't have this issue at all

Jason you are very lucky if this has never happened to you. I can say that Neil's problem is nothing to do with his connection to the internet. It is however a common problem with the game and it has happened to me many times. Sometimes it will also idle as you're entering the game. What is annoying is that you have to reload the game and like Neil has stated, that this is an issue because you lose your tag chosen and the tickets.I have a very strong connection to the internet as do many others, so it's not that at all.