View Full Version : Stranger things...

05-26-2017, 09:47 AM
Not sure if these are bugs or just a lack of programmers/coders but I've had some odd stuff happen the last week or so...

- Styr's death rattle didn't proc twice. No DOTs, no freeze, killed off the normal way and no health for other units.

- At least 6 games in a row with Horis in my random team. I know RNG is RNG but that's just odd.

- Rod spat out 2 bombs instead of the normal 3.

They're not exactly game changers but wondered if anyone else was getting stuff like this?

Jason Tek Chun Sheng
05-26-2017, 04:05 PM
And Gyle is doing 50% more damage

05-26-2017, 05:03 PM
I didnt got stuff like that but certanly its odd.
Styr DR its like a living bug anyways. I got it bugged a few times before. But besides that, didnt encounter the other stuff yet. Lets hope that was only a strange series of events