View Full Version : PVP, the challenge is gone.

07-26-2017, 11:08 AM
Today was the worst, really 52 attacks and what i fought against was an horde of kolossus and space surfers, i'm really disappointed as i didn't even have to change my atk team since it's always the same identical mutants EVERY match.

The point of this topic? in hope that Celsius team finally put an end to this cancer that Kobojo created, Pvp was the only entertaining thing left in this game and it has been ruined and ruined continuosly, evo 1000 autoclickers everywhere (wonder why they even play the game), Hackers...... got defeated by an evo 27 and i'm evo 102..... , same mutants over and over again....

Good luck on saving the game Celsius, Kobojo couldn't have damaged it more.

07-27-2017, 06:11 PM
I haven't played against one if those hacker accounts; but I understand your frustration.

I see some of the accounts in the top 100 having fame levels of 10000.

I think the only way to fix the PvP is to match players with other players with the same evo level.

This. yet is only solve 1 of the problems, op mutants will be in every team, big evos will still dominate, without evo limit nothing will ever be challenging as the best will always be the best no matter how long the others will play.

My bad i guess we'll have to live with that as the only "legit solution" would be a mass reset.