View Full Version : [Suggestion] Things that need to be changed

08-08-2017, 04:33 AM
Hi everyone. Now I know sometime this week Celsius Online will be doing another well needed maintenance on the game and I thought this would be a good time to fix and change things within the game. First off, now this really has been annoying me as I was close to getting the mutant reward in the pvp yesterday, but there was several players, who I did not initiate the fights, were able to attack me several times within a short amount of time. Now these players were getting the big points for winning and I think it is totally unfair that players can continually find and attack you in the pvp without revenging. Also again in the pvp and I know a lot of players have complained about this, that using the same mutants as a team, for example three Big Bo$$'s, which are tanks, makes it very difficult to defeat. I think a team should be comprised of three different mutants of which those could be all tanks if the player chooses to use them. In the Black Hole, the drop rate for all bonus items should be the same and at a better drop rate. Remove the Mutant Madness and Cash Frenzy slots and bring back the normal slots and have regular events the way we use to. Oh yeah, it just remembered another annoying thing in the game. Sending and or sending back gifts, every day I get the pop up that says if you tick this box to never ask again, well it still pops up, even with those that I know the box has been ticked. I had another thought as well, that would be fairer on everyone and would make a few players more happier. It's an idea I thought of last week, in the slots, the Jackpot should have a limit like 50,000 gold, it would give players a better chance of winning. I can't think of anything else as I've had a mind block, so if anyone else has good suggestions, they should be said here and now.