View Full Version : [Opinion] Thoughts about Celsius Online's decision on King Lulu?

Ivan Cubacubz
08-11-2017, 05:13 AM
Hey guys, hope you are having a wonderful day/night right now but anyways...are you concerned about Celsius Online? I mean, like, really...I opened the game earlier today and saw Gold King Lulu on the shop and I was just flabbergasted. My jaw dropped without me even realising it. He costs 4500 GOLD. Hell, this is just a Gold Heroic mutant and even the genes kinda sucks, no versatility at all. I'd bet that the other mutant that costs 4500 gold in the shop right now which is Waryena is laughing her butt of this and she has a pretty good coverage of genes on top of that. I dunno, this was just bad. What are your thoughts about this? Sorry for bad-mouthing as well, can't keep it in.