View Full Version : The same old tag suggestion

09-11-2017, 12:07 AM
When will the players get a new way to select a tag without risking to ruin it with new max level mutants appearing in our terraces?
I don't know, a button, a menu, a poll, whichever way they have that allows us to have all our mutants maxed up without worrying about being the last incubated mutant a Zombat.

I have had the same tag for like a year, because I went off the game for awhile, but now that I'm back I'm doing some hard exp farming with some mutants, and my tag is at risk because new fast, low attack mutants are coming.

So that's pretty much it. People always ask for this, and I'll post it as a reminder, given that Celsius appears more talkative than old Kobojo and might be more prone to answer to our pleas.
Good luck in the arena.