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James Lee
02-17-2014, 06:36 AM
So, the evolution center level cap is between 30 and 31; after that, the game kinda dies. You are either forced to spend a year collecting credits to level up once, or pay hundreds of dollars in gold to continue playing. If the creators were to simply decrease the cost of the EC then the higher level players would be upset, and the newer players would have it too easy. Here is my ultimate idea and legitimate suggestion!

Here is an example, I won't be doing this for ever single level achievable.
This is the credit cost to upgrade the EC for the first 5 levels:
5 -> 6 = 20.000 Credit
6 -> 7 = 30,000 Credit
7 -> 8 = 45,000 Credit
8 -> 9 = 67,500 Credit
9 -> 10 = 101.250 Credit
10 -> 11 = 151.875 Credit

If you wanted to decrease the cost by 10% (that's just a speculate value)...
New values after 10% decrease:
5 -> 6 = 2.000 Credit
6 -> 7 = 3,000 Credit
7 -> 8 = 4,500 Credit
8 -> 9 = 6,750 Credit
9 -> 10 = 10,125 Credit
10 -> 11 = 15,188 Credit

then to appease the players who have already attained this level, you could reimburse them the credits they spent to get to the level they are currently at subtracted by the new value.
5 -> 6 = 20,000 Credit (Original Value)
5 -> 6 = 2.000 Credit (New Value)
Reimbursement = OV - NV
20,000 Credits - 2,000 Credits = 18,000 Credit Reimbursement.

These new credits will be added to the players currently banked credits. Players who have already played and leveled up will obtain these credits, and their Evolution Center level will go unchanged. They can choose to use the credits on other things, or to upgrade the EC further (now that the upgrades are 10% less permanently).

These values are just speculated, nothing set in stone. For example, instead of using a percentage to modify the Evolution Centers values, you could decrease each individual value by a different amount. The higher levels, ones that I'm assuming will cost tens of billions of credits, you can decrease those significantly, and only decrease the lower levels by smaller amounts to maintain a balance. You may also decide to restrict these reimbursed credits to use on the Evolution Center.

I also have one other suggestion in regards to the balancing of the level system. Obviously, when the level cap reaches a certain amount, mutants can no longer level up. Players who where long loyal may feel that they missed out on experience they could have received.

To mend this problem, you could distribute Experience Jars.
Either 1 Experience Jar multiplied by the players level (before the level balance),
"Player received 32 Experience Jars for having a level 32 Evolution Center."

or 1 Experience Jar multiplied by the number of mutants that player possesses (before the level balance).
"Player received 51 Experience Jars for having 51 mutants."

I truly hope these words are taken into consideration by the Mutants: Genetic Gladiators team. I realize that there are programming limits, some things that can't be fixed after the game is launched online. I also know that you need to make a profit from the game. I am a big fan of this game, I want there to be more players, and I hope to have a long lasting, and thrilling game experience. This is my best idea for fixing the system which has had much controversial debate, I hope it can be brought to fruition.

One other thing to take into account would be upgrades bought during a discount period. I'm not sure if the game keeps track of that kind of thing. If not, this would also make it difficult to distinguish between a reimbursement of credits or/and gold. Just a side note to think about.

(Posted February 16th, 2014)
Thank you

Johan Van Vlaenderen
02-19-2014, 06:24 PM
I liked your ideas but there are a lot of points that I am sure will never happen not only because of the amount of work it might take in programming but also because of the fact that it might not be worth it.

Reducing the amount of money/gold needed to upgrade the Evo Center is something interesting for sure because when you get to 99millions to evolve from 26 to 27, it is kinda crazy.

I don't think it is important to give compensation to old players because this is a game that is in its evolving stage and therefore, mistakes are done. Players who don't want to face this, can just buy a game in a shop. No offense, but I don't know any games that don't face any unfair evolution.

PS : You are talking about a 10% reduce but it is actually a 90% reduce that you are showing :D

Mathieu Poteaux
02-24-2014, 07:08 PM
Actually there's a ways to reduce the time you have to wait to collect the necessary funds ... if you have some mutants like sentry, buck maurice, thor .. you can breed them with basic mutants and no star to try to obtain some more of the same specie. Why ? Because it takes 40mn to breed (with lvl 3 breeding center), and 60-90mn to incubate, and they sell for 200.000 credits.

It's quite fastidious but it makes a lovely boost on coins, still it's not quick to muster the 600.000.000 for lvl 32 .. -_-