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Frank Hege
02-20-2014, 05:08 AM

at a thread some weeks ago one of the forumhosts posted that kobojo is discussing and thinking about a way to avoid to much double mutants at the reactor. whats the status about this? any news when and if they will change?

i am not playing the reactor anymore at the moment just save the tokens. the new mutants r weak and look not really good so what for i should spend my tokens for 10 martian maruders.

so please give us an update about the reactor plans.

thx and have a nice day

Riina Kallioinen
02-26-2014, 07:41 PM
i really, REALLY wish they'd make it so that you couldn't get double mutants from the reactor. At all. Period. It is SO frustrating when you waste three reactor tokens that you've spent about two months to gather and you get a damn duplicate!

It'd be good that since the game knows what mutants you already have, it'd already neatly kinda "flicker and remove" from the plate the ones you have before spinning the roulette wheel.

I mean lets count. You need 5 mutants to get the special reward mutant.
Highest level takes 3 tokens to spin the wheel.
So that makes 5 x 3 = 15 tokens in minimum.
If you don't pay gold, you can get 2 tokens a month, 3, if you get really lucky with the Arena.
And you can count out the Jackpot, since reactor tokens are even rarer than Jackpot! So in other words, if you have an incredible gamble luck, you can get the reward mutant in 5 months. Unfortunately the highest level one won't stick around that long.

So. Kobojo. Don't you think you have punished us around enough already? Either improve the reactor roulette as suggested (no any duplicates at all) or bring the tokens back!