View Full Version : New Idea read n tell

Konark Revandkar
02-26-2014, 10:52 AM
OK the daily rooftop crash sucks
The game should load mutants,buttons and everything in background and then open the game and inbox and the daily mail but the invite window, a missclick on some mutant,Gifts,the inbox load like they are stuffed ina jar .My pc goes from 4% of cpu usage to 89% to a freeze in one shot.But do we really need to all those mutant to show up everytime we log in.well for sake of gameplay, no.

I have also observed something and asked people in the facebook community to check it out and i was right.
If the screen is zoomed in full and dragged all the out away from the mutant compounds The game responds faster, the animation are smoother and the cpu isnt heated that much for the fans to go mad.

If we move the matches to a void;nothing in background just the matches,the game can handle more effects,animations,textures and use same performance to work better.
SO the first log-in screen would be the psy-captain to a background pic of office-ish workstation kinda sci-fi feel background,which branch out to the key gameplay button on screen

Like [Darwins's lab] the breeding center.
To [Urban] for pve
to the [reporter dude with the blonde] pvp,
[Eva] for achievements. gold transaction credits, buffs, (inbox)
Rooftop/showroom] there will be a terrace or showroom where we see the compounds
and any form of revolutionary change to that damn friend strip i have to spend a minute to find a friend in lower ranks or 30 - 50
So in short Im suggesting to remove the Rooftops to any stationary screen at startup to a low performance requiring workspace and shift a few key gameplay buttons so the game would be played much better and with a feel of a being a Psy-captain.
This is not exactly a one night thing by any chance I know and im just suggesting an idea
who knows this can also go as far as having clan banner in the office like the developers were thinking off