View Full Version : What the Hell is going on?!?

Damian Van Selm
02-27-2014, 11:08 PM
I thought that this Forum was so that the watchdogs could complain about everything wrong with the game. So why are there NO POSTS about the THREE new Legendaries that are ALL still for gold? What happened Kobojo? Were you not making enough money from us? Is this some desperate bid to get players who are leaving out of frustration of repeatedly getting the same Reactor Mutants and getting sweet nothing out of the Slots to maybe consider returning to snatch up the new Mutants? Because ITS NOT GOING TO WORK IF WE HAVE TO USE REAL MONEY!!!!! You are getting your assumptions seriously wrong if you think this will drum up interest. Having to suddenly pay Gold for Mutants we used to have to pay Credits for will not work! All that will happen is no-one will buy, waiting for them to be sold for credits and then you will remove it from the shop and players will have a meltdown!
Please, for the love of GOD, play by your own ^%#^ rules! If you are going to offer Legendaries for credits than DO SO. Otherwise can you please tell us what is going on behind the screen?! Is it too much to ask for a weekly Note update so we (You know, the most important people, the actual players) can find out what you are going to take away from us next?
Sort out your priorities Kobojo. Or you will lose even more players than you already have.

Mathieu Poteaux
02-28-2014, 08:33 AM
As a matter of fact, the official mutants forum is deserted by their team :/

Look at darwin's lab section (supposed to be reserved for announcements & patch notes), nothing posted there by an official for more than 2 monthes .. :/
The game stills run though, once again a big big communication problem, that's what brings down most of online games nowadays :(

Hurshal Feazel
02-28-2014, 06:23 PM
I would win three quarters of my matches cause, dude, help varies we should have a chance to redeem ourselves to people that waxed us because of the help they got. And, I agree with the legendary mutants thing. I put money into the game should I have to pay for everything with 29.99 plus just to be able to play the game with other players? I know there are always going to be players that can pay the price for what they want to win, but can we at least make the tourny mutants even be in the breeding pool. Some are but paying for golds even though it's costly wouldn't be to bad if you can at least obtain the starless version of the mutants to breed up to golds. People will always pay to play, but if you make the game unbeatable for players that are not paying big bucks to get the mutants that are stronger than the original bunch that you can breed then you will just loose player interest and money. Money is what you want so lets make this a little more fair for the guys that can't dish out the cash that for the mutants. Especially the EVO CENTER! I have 27 Gold mutants at level 30 but to compete with the guys in tourney i have to dish out 69.99 to get up one fucking level! Dude that's my gas for a week I AM NEVER GOING TO PAY THAT MUCH TO STILL NOT BE ABLE TO COMPETE WITH GUYS THAT ARE LEVEL 32 PLUS. SOMEONE GIVE ME A HELL YEAH!