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George Matis
03-10-2014, 09:49 PM
Hi everyone,

Yesterday i was a bit surprised to find out that campaign passes were no longer available for credits at the shop. My first thought was to reload the game in case it failed to load properly. Then i visited the MGG application page to see if they made an announcement about this. Then i visited the forums and went on to look at the game news section at the release notes and the dev diary. Finally i found a post by a fellow member and reading all the replies i've found out that they were temporarily removed due to a bug.

And then i started thinking.

It's been a while since i've stopped visiting the forums because of the lack of attention to the fellow members' posts by the moderators. There was a time there were about 5 new posts daily at the Arena Helpdesk but no one bothered to take the time and give even the polite "Thanks, we'll look into it and get back at you as soon as possible" answer.

Now i find that a change that has quite an impact on a lot of players in the game was made and the only way to find out what's happened was to search the posts of other fellow members made to ask the same thing, to find an answer.

So here are my thoughts/questions on that matter, addressed to all fellow gamers (if a moderator wants to give his thoughts on this, even better).

Am i asking too much to want a bit more attention to specific sections of the forum? I mean, where's the difficulty of informing the members of the community of game changes, or even giving them a heads up? Many of you including me, activated double or triple xp boosts and as far as i'm concerned, wouldn't have done so if i had a heads up. As for the Arena Helpdesk, i can't be sure since i'm not a very frequent visitor anymore, but i can see there are a total of 350 posts since this forum began it's operation. I know they aren't all relevant, but as a number they're not too many per day to give an answer to the ones that are relevant and a warning/deleting to the non-relevant ones.

Please share your thoughts, if you took the time reading my concerns.

Thank you all

Jordan Triomphe
03-10-2014, 11:53 PM

I understand a bit what you mean,
However, it's quite complicated for me to read and answer to all the questions on the forum,

Firstly, because i'm only a player who wants to help the community,
Secondly, i'm french and I am not totally used to speak english.
Thirdly, i'm much more present on the facebook groups because of the lack of activity on the forum.

But if there is anything that I can do about it... I'll do my best then.

Thanks for sharing your thought,
this allows us to seriously question ourselves and do what is necessary to improve our service.


George Matis
03-11-2014, 02:03 AM
Hi Jordan and thanks for taking the time to read and reply in this thread.

Let me not be misunderstood, my only goal is to try and create a discussion at what the priorities in the forums the members of this community think should be in order to improve the service, attract more people in here and have more happy players about the quality of service provided, than to blame someone.

Of course and i don't expect the moderators to reply to every thread in the forum, that would require too large a manpower, too many hours of someone's life (i know being a moderator is voluntary :) ) and someone who can't post in the right section has himself to blame (e.g. posting about a bug and requesting support at the rooftop hangout).

What i'm trying to make a point of, is that certain areas in this forum require attention from the people of kobojo team and right now in my opinion this is lacking. As i mentioned before, i find it hard to believe that i have to be informed about a change in the game from a reply to someone's question, or that posts at the helpdesk are not addressed or deleted (the irrelevant ones).

What i want is, if enough fellow members think like me, then it may be a good enough reason for a moderator to transfer our concerns to a higher ranking ear at the company and changes be made to the better.

Thanks again for your time!