Draco Nogard
03-22-2014, 12:32 AM
I started out a month ago out of curiosity, cause I seen the ad for the game on the FB sidebar. And I was immediately HOOKED. I am no NOOB to the breeding/fighter genre of games. But as usual I would just DIVE in and make terrible decisions. So here is my few suggestions to NEWCOMERS who dont want to end up stuck like me teetering on the edge of giving in on buying GOLD to advance. For the gamers who like to play FREE or SMART heres my introduction advice.....(listed in random order) & (some advice is good even if you want to advance with purchasing GOLD)

-BE PATIENT for the 1st month and SAVE YOUR GOLD!!! You will need about 2200 GOLD for the purpose of upgrading your Breeding Center & Incubator. You dont want to be stuck like me in LV50 trying to accomplish this when youre in a place to be breeding silver & gold mutants. Trust me having a LV3 breeding center and 3 incubators will save much time on the breeding process & you can accomplish more much faster this way.

-Every so often KOBOJO has a special offer where they sell a mutant and 1500 GOLD for $4.99 (take advantage of this 80% off deal) its only $5 bucks its not like your spending that $49.99 or $199.99 to advance. (This money can be saved for PS4 or XBOX games or upgrade hehehe) They also have deals for $1.99 GOLD & TOKEN combos as well. These 2 deals are the best.

-Save your mutant slot TOKENS for the 1st month, and make sure you check out atleast the FREEBIE post on the MGG FB page or Level Up City fanblog. You can atleast claim a month worth of FREEBIES prior to your START date. Also lookout for more FREE tokens from SPONSOR VIDEOS to watch when you login to game. Plus its much more FUN when you have alot of tokens and extra gold to win more rewards and GOLD. Hopefully the more you have gives you a better CHANCE at the JACKPOT. Winning a BIG JACKPOT can alter your ADVANCEMENT in the game quickly. Or you can save the GOLD for special mutant DEALS.

-DO NOT use GOLD to speed up breeding or incubation times (only the ones to complete the TUTORIAL). You can use 1 GOLD to speed up the med lab to complete daily goals.

-DONT be in a RUSH to ADVANCE breed, fight in campaign and lower level PVP/PVE, slowly in the beginning. Remember alot of other players did not get to where they are overnight.

-Make alot of FRIENDS to benefit GIFT wise and get FREE campaign tickets. (This you should save up for one week) then you can begin leveling up your mutants faster. I found that after 1 week of saving I have no need to waste credits to buy them in the SHOP. The credits can be saved and used for the Evolution Center, Expansion & Compounds.

-When adding friends, dont be afraid to ask or aspire to add higher level friends. Some people do post their levels or message them in a friendly manner. If you are approached in message by cheaters, hackers, or scammers (and you will) to give them your login, password, credit card info, etc. by offering you FREE GOLD, HACKS or CHEATS. I say report them to FB, but make sure you have evidence and take a screen capture of the conversation. Lastly if they are a friend UNFRIEND them and BLOCK them.

-Be aware that with all games there are alot of hackers, scammers, cheaters, and people who promote cheating or scamming sites through posts. Some people are unaware they are helping hackers or scammers. So please bare in mind that this kinda negative behavior exists in the MGG environment.

-Med Lab, in the beginning keep farming the 1 small med pack for 300 credits, its smarter than waiting for hours for the other options. When you do upgrade through leveling up to the 10 large med packs for 28,000 credits (4 hours to produce) keep farming those all day. You can make 60 in a 24 hour period and it only takes 4 to replenish a defeated mutants life. (just like the campaign tickets you should save up for a week as well)

-If you win any DBL XP/Anti Critical Shield/Critical Strikes save them and only USE them after you have leveled up most of your current mutants to LV10. It would be a waste to rush them otherwise.

-Also save up your XP (bottles, drinks, packs) rewards and save them to use on mutants that will benefit you in fights. Pretty much do your research and use them on your Bronze, Silver, Gold, Rare, Legendary, Zodiac etc. You can save time on leveling up mutants that are stronger or beneficial than others.

-Only worry about leveling up your Evolution Center to LV15 for the first month. Once you upgrade your Breeding Center & Incubator then you can really start advancing quickly with no worry of the GOLD you need to acquire to accomplish it. Keep in mind you will need ALOT of credits in the future to keep leveling up the Evo Center.

-Focus on the goals to the left, and be patient with the mutant breeding. Note that if you breed a RARE by chance do not worry as soon as you complete a current goal, you will get rewards due later down the road. Some rewards need to be opened up by completing a previous goal to unlock.

-Give yourself time to breed all the single gene, basic, or bronze combinations. There is no RUSH to be as strong as a player thats LV100+ fame & mutants at LV10 LOL. Learning the mistakes in the beginning will benefit when you are LV70 to LV100 on the verge of greatness.

-If you do acquire the 2200 gold quickly, then I would suggest to use the extra gold in the 1st month to buy extra MED LABS. They go for 250 gold in the SHOP.

-Make a plan for yourself and set goals. Dont let others dictate what you want to accomplish. I hear alot of players tell me its no use to breed this or that. Well im a collector so YES I do want to breed this bronze and that silver even though they think its a waste of time. Take time to read & learn from the FORUM, FB PAGE & offsite fanpages & fanblogs. Some are hard to find but you will eventually come across a ton of useful information.

-I cant think of anymore, but im sure I missed a few things BUT lastly when your 1st month is up now youre ready to wreck shop in MGG...hopefully this advice will teach you determination & patience along with being a happier player. Playing foolishly has lead to temper tantrums & drama in the game environment amongst some players. And really there is no need for spoil sports. I myself have been pushed into reacting rudely towards others at times. Im kinda like a BIG BROTHER gamer you could say. Anyway if anyone has any other USEFUL beginner advice to share...FEEL FREE

Jackie Sheen
03-23-2014, 11:36 PM
Excellent! thank you!

Chili Spheniscidae
03-24-2014, 02:06 AM
Thanx Draco... most excellent !