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Jonathan Morley
03-30-2014, 10:31 AM
New here, but had to post this as is is frustrating me.

I'm Fame L77 and evolution centre is L28. I won gold in the past 5 tournaments and beat most teams I play against.
Yet this season the points scoring system is very imbalanced.

If I go against a player who clearly has L30+ mutants and wipes the floor with my team, why on earth does he get 20pts for it? I win a match, get 5 pts, maybe ten. Then, five mins later, the very next person beats me for 20. The guys I beat, those who rematch and beat me always get 20.
I went against one team with a Buch who had over 12,000 hp... and guess what, he scored 20 against me.

I am stuck on 1040 points and cannot get any higher. Last night I actually got to 1130 after spamming matches..... log on this morning. lost so many points it knocked me down to 1030. Always the same pattern. Win 5, win 5, lost 20, win five, win five, lose 20, win 10, lose 20.

My wife is around the same level and evo level and the teams she faces are nowhere near the scale of what I face.

I guess that the points are based around the Fame, not evo. A very broken system.
Also, are the tournaments balanced so you fight a person more you level, or totally random?

Getting frustrated.

Jonathan Morley
04-01-2014, 11:58 AM
Too add to thijs, despite being now L28... I have not gone against any opponents anywhere near my level in over 3 weeks (well, one... the poor kid only had a around 1500 hp on his low tier mutants... AND I GOT 20 POINTS FROM HIM!!!!!!! Totally unfair).
All the other times I am going against people around 4 levels higher....

Are Kobojo going to fix it?
No, of course not. they are raking in the cash.

Neil Law
04-11-2014, 08:15 PM
Totally agree with you - I tend to get it the other way around where the opponents are much higher than me. It really needs to be fixed.

Marko Tanasic
04-19-2014, 02:33 PM
PvP is broken. I am at 90% and i get gold and silver opponents with levels far more greater then mine. My mutants have around 3-4k hp, and of the opponents 6-9k.

'Matthijs Lanting
04-20-2014, 11:29 AM
I think the idea with pvp is that it will ballance itself out eventually, the stronger people/higher lvled people will be in the top while those who still need to level a bit more will be ranked lower so that eventually you'll have high lvl people vs high level people in the top and lower levels against eachother near the bottom.

If the system was so that you'd only face people near your lvl you'd get lvl 20's ending up with gold stars while high leveled people would could be getting stuck with just getting silver stars or less for example. It would mean those high levels won't be rewarded for their work while a bunch of low levels get rewards they shouldn't be getting yet. As I see it PvP is ballanced together with pvp, If you get far enough in PvE your mutants should end up being around lvl 31 while you yourself are pretty high level (and most likely will have a team of gold level mutants). After reaching that level there is sort of a huge barrier as it's very very expensive to get high level mutants after that. Wich means that once you reach that level you should be able to compete with all of the higher ranked people on even footing. So in short effort is eventually rewarded. Also it means that ending in the top will eventually be accessible to anyone who puts the time and effort into this game. It also means that once there's more and more higher leveled people who are all evenly matched it will come down more to strategy, what defencive team will you use? who will you get revenge on? do you pick the right targets that will give you the most points?

When I was lower level I could barely get any of the higher rewards as well and mostly relied on the pve event for things. Once I actually got further into pve however i noticed i was rapidly getting stronger and could get a bit further in pvp so from finishing at lets say veterans I went to Experts and then Elites. So it basically means the harder you work on your account and the more you progress the more you'll get rewarded eventually in my opinion.

Currently I'm in the top 1% now with a total of 70 fights, still need to reach 50 attacks though but I'll most likely finish with a gold star this season (finished with the gold star last season with around 1500+ points for the first time). I hardly ever fight anyone with less then level 30 mutants exept at the start of the tournament when things are still unballanced since everyone is put at 800 points again. With the average levels shown and avarage star rating I think a lot of it comes down to just picking the right opponents. If you see someone who's way stronger then just avoid him and move on to the next guy you can beat. Eventually things will ballance itself out and you should end up fighting people around your own level and be around the place where you belong.

Edit: if people are getting 20+ points from you it just means their ranking was way below yours at the moment, and if they beat you on a consistent basis they should be ranked above you anyway. If you only get 5 for wins then it just means you're not fighting the right targets or that your rating itself is inflated since you only picked on weak targets to get that high and can't actually compete with the people who are actually around that rating.

When I go through my list I have several 20 point losses as wel and also quite a few 5 point losses. I usually just pick my targets wisely from there as well, if i see a 5 point loss against a team that I think I can beat i'll just go fir it since I'll get a lot of points if i win (got 43 points for example earlier today from one of those wins). On the other hand I also retaliate the 20 point losses when I know absolutely certain I'll beat them, if not it's not worth getting revenge against since you risk losing to many points.

Gerald Duren
04-21-2014, 06:40 PM
How about breaking it down to brackets. And base it off of evo level, not fame level. each bracket has it's own rewards, like lvl 10 evo bracket or w/e will give bronze star, 20 will give silver and 30 will give gold or w/e. but that way it is based more on equal levels, and this imbalance will go away.

04-24-2014, 05:42 PM
Brackets across the board would be a bad solution. If a bracket is level 10-20, all that means is you have to have three level 20 gold stars to go for top 1%, and you maximize time spent in PVP with calls for aid.

As it stands right now, players who have a slightly higher level and more gold stars tend to make their way towards the top. As such, players who have put in more time get better rewards, as it should be...

If they wanted to have REAL pvp though, they should have different groups that restrict mutants based off of star level. One group is anything goes, one group is up to silver stars and no captain peace, one group is up to bronze stars and no peace/zodiac, one group is no stars and no peace/zodiac.

Also, I think the most interesting bracket they could do is a bracket capped at level 10. That way, real team strategy could be implemented as you would only have one boosted attack and hp would be lower. Also, in that version, allow no assist from friends. That way, fast mutants wouldn't be gimped past the first turn but also wouldn't have that first turn bonus.

SoundChaser XC
04-29-2014, 01:28 PM
Tell me about it :)
Ever since the last PvP tournament for which i worked hard to get to 1% now all i get is THIS which is plainly impossible for me to even get a 50%...guess no token or behemoth for me :(
My total 57, enemy total...81 & i have seen higher. There's absolutely no chance i can beat that not knowing the primary genes i will be facing and even if i did know...only with a marginal chance of a crit can it be possible...assuming my mutants won't be 1 shoted before they even atack once. So mmmyeah...it's completely imbalanced and lacks fairness

Shawn Smith
04-29-2014, 03:56 PM
I think the idea with pvp is that it will ballance itself out eventually, the stronger people/higher lvled people will be in the top while those who still need to level a bit more will be ranked lower so that eventually you'll have high lvl people vs high level people in the top and lower levels against eachother near the bottom.

That may be the idea but it doesn't work! Prior to the last tournament, I never once paid to 'choose another opponent.' If the opponent it was choosing for me was too hard I simply focused on getting revenge on those who attacked me and still managed to do well enough to at least get the mutant reward. Last tournament I NEVER got opponents that I could even be remotely competitive with and I was attacked a total of twice in the 2 weeks. Previously I was getting attacked several times a day. They have broken then pvp matching.

Todd Konsavich
04-30-2014, 02:01 PM
ok whats everyone have to say to this now that you cant get ingame coin from doing the questline exactly this game is a trap stop playing it effective immidiately