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Jonathan Morley
04-02-2014, 02:05 PM
Good, now i have your attention...


I'm Fame L78 and evolution centre is L28. I won gold in 5 tournaments and beat most teams I play against.
Yet this season and the last...the points scoring system is very imbalanced.

If I go against a player who clearly has L30+ mutants and wipes the floor with my team, why on earth does he get 20pts for it? I win a match, get 5 pts, maybe ten. Then, five mins later, the very next person beats me for 20. The guys I beat, those who rematch and beat me always get 20.
I went against one team with a Buch who had over 12,000 hp... and guess what, he scored 20 against me.

I am stuck on 1040 points and cannot get any higher. Last night I actually got to 1130 after spamming matches..... log on this morning. lost so many points it knocked me down to 1030. Always the same pattern. Win 5, win 5, lost 20, win five, win five, lose 20, win 10, lose 20.

My wife is around the same level and evo level and the teams she faces are nowhere near the scale of what I face.

I guess that the points are based around the Fame, not evo. A very broken system.
Also, are the tournaments balanced so you fight a person more you level, or totally random?

Getting frustrated.

04-03-2014, 05:02 PM
Hi Jonathon,

PVP uses a ELO style scoring system which is common in tournaments, As you gain more points you will face players with similar points, so the more you win the tougher your competitors will get. so 2 players with similar teams could face different types of opponents if their scores are different.

The Points rewarded are based on differences between the 2 players, so it is possible for players to get more points for beating you if they are considered to be quite weaker than you.



Jonathan Morley
04-03-2014, 06:26 PM
I only have 995 points at the moment, so technically I should be going against the lower levels (unless everyone is getting hit hard).
Today I won two 35 pointers, and yesterday a 65 pointer.... but after winning, I then find out I have been beaten by about 40 (two lots of 20) points lol.

I know it is not the teams I am using, and to make sure I have reshuffled through all the golds and same prob.
It is simply because the opponent is a good few levels higher and doesn't even find me a challenge.
So I lose 20 pts. Rematch... find a 9500 hp buck maurice, Two Zombats ... and a tag from hell (not that I am a saint here lol)
Then lose 20 pts again.
If I beat them... 10 pts.


Keep buggering on I guess

Jonathan Morley
04-04-2014, 10:03 PM
Still going against people 4-5 levels higher. Every time I log on I lose around 30-60 pts due to getting defeated.
I challenge them and find these teams are impossibly hard, resulting in further losses.
After playing my hardest, using tags with L30 Buck's.. and finally getting to 10020 points. Finally getting the mutant.
I log on - lost 51 pts.
PvP gives with one hand, takes twice with the other.

So it isn't really true about the scoring and ranking system. If so... fix it as it is seriously broken.
I honestly doubt a player with high enough Evo Centre to get a Buck Maurice to 12,000 hp has only 950 score.
I should not even be playing against people that high in the table.